(The campaign has ended)【The Crypto Illustration Contest is on !】As Our Grand Prize, We Will Give 5,000,000 Satoshi Bitcoin to the Chosen Ones

The campaign has ended

On this occasion, we have we would like to support all the Cryptocurrency illustrators by holding the Crypto Illustration Contest.

The task will be to create an illustration reflecting the theme and post in on Twitter by the deadline. As our Grand Prize, we will give 5,000,000 Satoshi Bitcoin to the chosen ones.

The 1st theme for the Crypto Illustration will be about the milestone created by the parent of Bitcoin

 “Satoshi Nakamoto”

He is the mystery guy who published “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” white paper. Not alone, but as an organization or association, even more whether he is an alien etc., there are various speculations around it. Many people have claimed to be “Satoshi”, but nobody really knows until this very day.


【Selection Process】

STEP 1(Twitter Post)

Please post your illustration work on Twitter with your own Twitter account.

※ In order to participate in the selected, you have to meet the following requirements

  • Put a hashtag “#クリプト作画” with the illustration in your tweet, and include the title of your Illustration work as well
  • The illustration has to reflect the theme of the contest
  • The Illustration has to be a original piece that is not published yet
  • Shall not violate the right of a third party, and have full and legitimate right of the work
  • The post must be up on Twitter by the Selection deadline on 29th February 2020 JST
Example of a Tweet

※There are no size specifications for the illustration, however it shall be according to the size recommendations of Twitter.

STEP 2(Selection of Illustration)

After meeting the requirements of STEP 1, 4 illustration (4 candidates) will be selected with the following method.

  • The tweet with most re-tweets
  • The tweet with most Likes ( if the retweet  and the Like counts together is the highest, on second place will be the following candidate with most Likes)
  • The tweet that is best suited selected by BtcBox
  • The tweet that was most popular within BtcBox

Selection Results Publish period: In the beginning of March (scheduled)

STEP 3(Post of Twitter)

On the official BTCBOX Twitter page, we will Vote for the 4 selected Candidates from STEP 2

Voting Peiod: In the beginning of March 2020 (scheduled)


1st Prize :Bitcoin 5,000,000 Satoshi x 1 Person

2nd Prize : Bitcoin 1,000,000 Satoshi x 3 People

(6th February 2020, the current price for 5,000,000 Satoshi is approx. 482 USD, and 1,000,000 Satoshi is approx. 96 USD)

※ The people who are not able to take contact with us through Twitter DMs, are not eligible for any prize.

※ Depending on certain circumstances, please note that the implementation date may change.

※ In regard to any schedule changes, we will notify it through our official Twitter account.

※ In case if deemed of plagiarismor unauthorized use of illustrations etc., it will be excluded from selection.