Privacy Policy

BTC Box Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) recognizes that it is our social responsibility to properly handle customer personal information and protect customer personal information. The company has established the following privacy policy based on the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information Protection Act”). These regulations must be obeyed by management personnel and employees, and every effort must be made to protect customers’ personal information.

For details, please refer to “About the Handling of Personal Information.”

1. The company will comply with relevant laws, government guidelines, and other regulations to properly handle customer personal information.
2. The company will obtain customer’s personal information according to regulations. In addition to the circumstances stipulated by law, we will notify or publish the purpose of use of the customers’ personal information.  The company will use this information within the scope of the purpose of use.
3. The company will explain to all management personnel and employees the importance of personal information protection and ensure proper handling of customer personal information.
4. The company will implement necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer’s personal information, preventing the loss of personal information of customers, tampering with them and leaking them.
5. Except required by law, customer’s personal information will not be provided to third parties without the customer’s prior consent. Regarding My Number, unless legally required, we will not provide it to third parties even if the customer agrees.
6. When the company entrusts the customer’s personal information to a third party, we will conduct proper supervision to ensure the security of the customer’s personal information.
7. The company will formulate procedures for the disclosure and correction of customer personal information, and will also hear opinions and suggestions about managing customer personal information from customers.
8. We will continue to improve our customers’ personal information protection and management system.

Related regulations for handling personal information

1. Definition of personal information

Personal Information is personal information as defined in Article 2(1) of the Personal Information Protection Act (Japan) and is a variety of information related to living individuals. It includes names, birthdays, and other items or symbols that can identify the individual.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

When the company obtains customer’s personal information in document format, the company will inform the purpose of use in advance. When the company obtains customer’s personal information from a public source or a third party, the company also informs the customer about the purpose of use of this information.
The company’s use of personal information about its customers includes 1. The scope of necessary business use, 2. The scope of use necessary to achieve business objectives. Except required by law, the company will not use the customer’s personal information beyond the above range.
The company will use specific personal information as much as possible in order to allow customers to use the personal information more accessibly. In addition, we will do our best to limit the use of personal information. For example, it should be used when personal information is limited to survey statistics.

(1) Our business

1. Cryptocurrency trading services (cryptocurrency exchange) and transactions related to cryptocurrency transactions
2. Services that other cryptocurrency exchanges can carry out (including those that will be licensed in the future)

(2) Purpose of use

  1. According to the “Government Office on Cash Payment Settlement and Cryptocurrency Exchange Act”, the company introduced the cryptocurrency trading business.
  2. To introduce other services that are related to cryptocurrency transaction business
  3. In order to confirm the customer’s own information
  4. In order to report the results of the transaction or the cryptocurrency deposit balance to the client etc.
  5.  In order to deal with customers, etc.
  6. Research and development of new cryptocurrency commodities and services through market research, data analysis, and questionnaire surveys
  7. When other companies entrust all or part of the personal information to the company, the company will use customer’s personal information in accordance with business requirements.
  8. The exercise of rights and performance of duties in accordance with contracts, laws, etc.
  9. About transaction judgment or management needs
  10. Others in order to facilitate the smooth progress of transactions
    In addition, the company may record the phone calls with the clients in order to correctly grasp the requirements of the clients. Please be knowledgeable in advance.

(3) Use restrictions

We will not use personal information beyond the required range. However, the following conditions are not limited by this.

1. When the customer agrees in advance
2. When permitted by laws and regulations
3. Although it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer, it is necessary to protect the life and property of the person.
4. Although it is difficult to obtain the consent of customers, it is necessary to protect children’s healthy growth.
5. When government agencies and public organizations implement the law in accordance with the law, they need the help of the company and may have an influence on the execution of the statutory matters after obtaining the client’s consent.

3. Compliance to obtain personal information

The company obtains customer’s personal information according to regulations.
For example, the company may obtain personal information from the following sources.
(an example of information source)

· Information entered directly by the customer when completing the account opening application form
·Published books, newspapers, information on the Internet
· Information received from customers by providing products and services

4. Provide personal information to third parties

In accordance with the law, the company may entrust personal information to the third party in the necessary range for the purpose of the use. Except for legal requirements, the company will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer.

5. Handle sensitive information

Except for the following circumstances, the company will not provide the third party with personal information concerning political opinions, beliefs, membership, ethnicity, ethnic origin, family registration, medical data, sexual life, and criminal history of the customer.

1. When required by law
2. when necessary for the protection of human life and property
3. When necessary to promote healthy growth of children
4. In order to assist institutions and public bodies implementing laws according to law
5. For taxation work, confidential information about political beliefs, religious beliefs, and affiliations might be accessed, used, or provided to the third party.
6. When transferring inheritance procedures, rights and obligations, provide the necessary range of confidential information to third parties
7. The company acquires, uses, and provides confidential information to third parties with the consent of the customer based on the normal operation of the cryptocurrency trading business.
8. Based on the customer’s consent, physical authentication information belonging to sensitive information is used as confirmation of the identity of the customer.

6. Implementation of safety management measures

The company will establish the necessary organizational, personnel, technical, and physical protection to prevent unauthorized access to customer’s personal information. Preventing the loss of personal information of customers, falsifying or leaking.

7. About commissioning personal information

When the company conducts business cooperation with a third party, it may delegate a part or all of its personal information to a third party. The company will select partners according to the regulations, and construct security measures based on the personal information management terms of the company, and sign service commission contracts and personal information use terms with third parties to perform necessary and appropriate supervision of the commissioning party.
The company may entrust personal information to third parties under the following circumstances
(an example of personal information commission)

·Post written prints to customers
· Operation and maintenance of information systems
·Save business-related books

8. Procedures for seeking to retain personal information disclosure, etc.

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, when a customer requests the company to disclose, correct, add, or delete personal information held by a customer of the company (hereinafter referred to as “information disclosure,” etc.) The company will meet the requirements after the customer completes the following procedures.

(1) People who have the right to request information disclosure and other requirements

The customer himself

(2) Information disclosure and other procedures

Please ask us through the Contact Form

(3) Information disclosure fee

The following are the fees for applying for disclosure of personal information. If the relevant information requested cannot be disclosed in accordance with the law, the customer may also be required to pay the processing fee.

1. For basic information such as name and address

2,000 yen per application (including consumption tax and postage)

2. For the disclosure of information other than the above, the company will charge a fee based on the content of the request.

(4) Ways and times of replying to application information disclosure

When disclosure and other requirements are proposed, the company will reply via letter mail within a reasonable period of time (response content includes rejecting content, etc.)
In addition, depending on the requested content, the time required for replying will vary.

9. Inquiry

If the customer wants to disclose the saved personal information, etc. or wants to inquire about the company’s personal information security management measures, please consult the following consultation and complaint window.
Personal information consultation window

10. About revision

This personal information processing clause will apply from June 14, 2017.
In order to seek to strengthen the protection of customers’ personal information, or because of changes in the law, the company may change personal information processing terms. If there are major changes, the company will publish it on the homepage of the website. Please confirm it regularly.

11. The status of this Treaty

This Treaty is a translated version of the Japanese version. It is for reference only and does not have legal validity. Please refer to Japanese for details of the terms.


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