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BtcBox Co.,Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as ‘’the Company’’) , based on our management vision, we recognize that it is the Company’s social responsibility to handle the customer’s personal information. With adherence to law regarding protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as ‘’Personal Information Protection Law’’), we endeavour in protecting customers personal information.

1.Basic Policy

(1)With a primary focus on the Personal Information Protection Law, the Company with comply with relevant laws, government guidelines, and other regulation in order to handle customer’s personal information appropriately.

(2)The Company will  obtain customer’s personal information that are publicly announced or notified in advance for identification purpose of use,  in accordance with proper means and law regulations.

(3)The Company will use customer’s personal  information within the scale of identification purpose of use  that are publicly announced or notified in advance. However, in case of requirement by law, we will follow the law. (limited to identification purpose of use)

(4)The Company, except where required by law, will not provide customer’s personal information to a third party without the customer’s consent in advance. Regarding identification number, except where required by law, even when the customer gives consent the Company will not provide it to a third party. (Provision to a third party)

(5)The Company will implement necessary and proper security measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer’s personal information, and prevent loss, tampering and leakage of personal information of customers.

(6)The Company will establish procedures in order to respond to requests such as disclosure, correction, deletion, suspense of use etc., of customers personal information. (Personal information ‘s disclosure etc., procedure)

(7)When the Company is entrusted with the handling of the customers personal information, we will properly supervise the outsourcing in furtherance of measuring safety management of customers personal information. (Outsourced supervision)

(8)The Company will give training to its employees in order for them to comprehends the importance of  personal information protection, and how to appropriately handle customer personal information. (Education・Training)

(9)The Company is constantly working on service improvement upon the customers opinions and inquiries regarding the handling of customer’s personal information.

(10)The Company is consistently working on System maintenance, so as the management task, we continuously are revising the management system and structure for personal information protection.

2.Handling of Personal Information

(1)Definition of Personal Information

’’Personal Information’’ is defined as stated in Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Article 2 item 1 in the Law. This Act shall mean information about a living individual which ①provides name, date of birth or other description contained in such information enabling the identification of the specific individual, or ② other description contained in such information.

“Special care-required personal information” in this Act means personal information comprising a principal’s race, creed, social status, medical history, criminal record, fact of having suffered damage by a crime, or other descriptions etc. prescribed by cabinet order as those of which the handling requires special care so as not to cause unfair discrimination, prejudice or other disadvantages to the principal.

(2)Purpose of use of Personal Information

 [1]Purpose of use and scope of use

The Company will obtain customers personal information with the following purposes, and will use the customers personal information within necessary scope for purpose of use achievement.

① In order to execute the cryptocurrency exchange service etc., guidance of the Company. Certified Association for Payment Service Providers and Cabinet Office Order on Virtual Currency Exchange Service Providers as specified by Cabinet Office Order.

② In order to execute the service incident to guidance the Company’s cryptocurrency exchange

③ In order to verify the identity of customer

④ In order to inform the customer about transaction results, cryptocurrency deposit balance etc.

⑤ In order to execute business regarding transaction with the customer

⑥ In order to execute market survey, and data analysis or questionnaire etc., for cryptocurrency merchandise and service research and development.

⑦ In order to properly perform the entrusted work in cases where all or part of the processing of personal information is entrusted by other companies

⑧ In order to exercise of rights and implement of obligations based in the contract, Law etc.

⑨ In order to execute a judgement or management concerning transactions.

⑩ In order to appropriately and smoothly implement or progress transactions, other etc.

 [2] Appropriate  acquisition of personal information

The Company will appropriately acquisite the customer’s personal information. We do not obtain personal information by deception or other unauthorized means.

The Company’s method of  acquisition of the customer’s personal information, is mainly through input  of the customers Trade application form, and answers of customers to the Company’ survey.

Now,  please note that the Company might call the customer・have conversation, and the content of it will be recorded. This is for the purpose of accurately  understanding the content of the customers inquiries and transactions etc. We hope for your understanding and cooperation.

 [3]Change purpose of use of personal information

The Company might change the purpose of use of personal information within a rationally confirmed scope compared to the purpose of its use prior to the change of the purpose of use and its relevance.

(3)Restriction of use of personal information

 [1]Exceptions to laws and regulations

The Company will  not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. However, this is not limited to the following cases:

① In case of the customer has agreed in advance

② In case of based on the Law and regulations

③ In case if it is necessary for protection of a person’s assets, body  and life, and when the customer’s consent is difficult to obtain

④ In case if it is especially necessary for the promotion of public health and children’s health education , and when the customer’s consent is difficult to obtain

⑤ When the country’s institutions, local public entity or a person who is executed by it to cooperate in executing the prescribed affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the customer will risk to become a hinder to the execution  of the affairs

 [2]Sensitive Information

The Company shall in principle not aquisite sensitive personal information of membership of any labor union, race or ethnic group, family origin, registered domicile, health care records (excl. those that fall under sensitive personal information) (hereinafter referred to as “sensitive information”). However, the following cases will be handled with particular care in accordance with laws and regulations.

① In case if based on the Law and regulations

② In case if it is necessary for protection of a person’s fortune, body  and life.

③ In cases  if there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children

④ In case if it is specially necessary for the promotion of public health and children’s health education.

⑤ In case if sensitive information concerning those employees who belong to, or participate in a political or religious organization or labor union is obtained, used or provided to a third party to the extent necessary for processing the documents for the purpose of withholding taxes.

⑥ In case if sensitive information is obtained, used or provided to a third party to the extent necessary for the transfer of rights and obligations in inheritance procedures.

⑦ If the Company needs to ensure proper operation of cryptocurrency transactions,  the sensitive information needed for execution of business affairs with the given consent from the individual will be aquisited, operated, or provided to a third party.

⑧ If sensitive biological identification information is used to confirm the identity of the person concerned with his or her consent.

(4)Disclosure to a third party

The Company, in case of  based on laws and regulations, or to achieve the purpose of use and outsource personal information within the necessary scope  etc., except when authorized by law, we will not provide any personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer.

(5)Safety management Measures

The Company will take appropriate measures for the safekeeping of personal information in order to prevent loss, alteration, leakage, and unauthorized access to the information management system.  The necessary and proper organized, human, technical and physical safety measures will be implemented, and appropriate management of the customer’s personal information will be carried out.

(6)Procedures to Meet Requests for Disclosure and Others

 [1] Disclosure and Others Procedure

The Company will accept claims from customers regarding the personal information held by the company, except when disclosure is not required by law,  for information of the purpose of use, disclosure of held personal data, revision, addition or deletion, and suspension of use or cancellations (hereinafter referred to as “claim for disclosure”) when required , based on the “Special care-required personal information” Act, it will be proceeded as the following procedure.

① Who can claim for disclosure

The customer

② Claim of disclosure procedure

Regarding the following item 8 ‘’Contact Us’’ note, please send an inquiry, and consult with us.

We will contact the customer for confirmation of the individual and explanation further necessary procedures.

③ Claim for disclosure fee

The held personal information claim for disclosure procedure will be handled as the following noted fees. Now, even if unable to comply disclosure requests based on the laws and regulations, the handling fee might still be charged.

(A)If request of disclosure of basic information items such as name, residency etc.

¥2000 handling fee per 1 case (Incl. tax and posting fee)

(B)If request of disclosure is other than the noted above,the handling fee will be charged according the content of the request.

④Method and time period  for answering to request for disclosure

We will post the documents, and respond within a reasonable period of time ( Includes responses that are not requested for disclosure)

Now, please note that more time might be needed depending on the requested content.

 [2] Correction

In case of the Company receiving a request for revision from the customers due to the personal information not being correct, based on the provisions of revision, addition or deletion content (hereinafter referred to as “correction”) in the  “Special care-required personal information” Act, with confirmation from customer and within the necessary scope for achieving the purpose of use, necessary investigations will be conducted without delay. Based on the results, correction of personal information content will be executed, and the customer will be notified (even in case of correction not being conducted, the customer will be notified). However, the Company is not obligated to make corrections if not required by “Special care-required personal information” Act and Other laws and regulations.

 [3]Suspension of use

Personal information is not within the scope of purpose of use that have been publicly disclosed, or the given personal information has been obtained by deception or other illegal means by the customer,  when the Company receives a request from a customer for cancellation or deletion of use (hereinafter referred to as “Suspension of use”) based on the “Special care-required personal information” Act, if it is judged that the request is based on rational reasoning and with confirmation from customer, suspension of use  of personal information will be conducted without delay. However, this does not apply if the Company is not obligated to suspend use due to Special care-required personal information” Act or other laws and regulations.

(7)Consignment of handling of personal information

When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information in association with work delegation, etc., we will select a subcontractor based on our prescribed standards. In addition, we will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the subcontractor, by entering a contract concerning the handling of personal information with the subcontractor and other such means, to ensure security control measures that conform to our Personal Information Protection Policy and regulations, etc.

(8)Contact method for inquiries and complaints related to the handling of personal information

When a customer requests the disclosure, etc. of personal data held, or when making an inquiry, complaint, or seeking consultation, etc. with regard to our security control measures for personal information or other handling of personal information, please fill in the following request form and send it to us.

 (Request form link)


The Company shall review operation of personal information as appropriate, and strive for continuous improvement.

This Policy shall become effective when revision on this policy is published on the Company’s website, except as decided by the company separately.

14th June 2017, Establishment

5th November 2019 Partial Revision

This clause is a translated version of the Japanese version. It is for reference only and has no legal effect. Please refer to Japanese site for details of the terms.

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