Basic policy for antisocial forces

BTCBOX Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as we/us), established basic policies for antisocial forces as follows. All executives and employees will comply with this in order to systematically eliminate antisocial forces.We will make efforts to ensure the appropriateness and safety of our operations.

1. Response as organization

  • We established clear statement in internal regulations etc. for antisocial forces, and respond as a whole organization.We also ensure the safety of employees who respond to affairs related with antisocial forces.

2. Collaboration with external specialized agencies

  • We are always striving to build close cooperative relationships with external specialized agencies such as police, violence exile campaign promotion center, lawyers, etc. .

3. Block all relationship including transactions

  • For antisocial forces, we will block all relationships including business relationships.

4. Legal correspondence between civil and criminal in emergency

  • We will refuse unfair demands by antisocial forces in a resolute attitude and will take legal action from both civil and criminal cases if necessary.

5. Prohibition of backstage deal and fund provision

  • We will never do backstage dealings with antisocial forces or fund for antisocial forces.
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