Terms of Use

The website’s Term of Agreement of “btcbox.co.jp” (“this Agreement”) applies to BtcBox Co., Ltd. (“the company”) exchange website “btcbox.co.jp” (“virtual website”) that provides cryptocurrency transaction and other services provided by the company (“this service”). This clause stipulates the users of the service (refers to the person who opens an account under Article 3 in order to use the service, and is hereinafter referred to as “the customer”) and the rights and obligations between the company and the customer.

Article 1 (Scope of Application)

  1. The purpose of this article is to clarify the rights and obligations of the company and its customers in the process of using the service and apply to the company’s ownership relationship with customers in the process of using this service.
  2. The Company has additional terms on the use of certain services on this website (“additional terms”). If the additional terms exist differently from the provisions of this article, the additional terms are applied preferentially. However, this provision is not subjected to the above limitation in the case of special priority over the additional clause.
  3. The customer is fully aware of the content of these terms and uses the service after agreeing to the terms of the following Articles.

Article 2 (About Customers)

  1. For people under the age of 20 who would like to use this service, a parent or guardian need to issue a consent form and provide proof of identity.
  2. In case of minor users, even if without a legal representative, found guilty of giving false consent of a legal representative or providing false information about age, and act of convincing other of false capability by displaying adopting fraud action, legal action taken in regards to our service cannot be undone.
  3. When minor users become of legal age during the use of our service, the user will be deemed to be approved of all legal actions upon continuing their use of our service.
  4.  In case of countries and regions of non-cooperative jurisdictions concerning laundering money and financing of terrorism, or residents of the United States, and other cases where the Company deems the provision of its service as improper, this service cannot be used.
  5. You will not be able to use this service if the law of your place of residence does not allow opening of a bank account in Japan.

Article 3 (Open an Account or Change of Personal information)

  1. The person who wishes to use the service (“the applicant”) is to provide the company with the information required by the company on the basis of agreeing to the terms, and thus apply for opening an account to use the service (“this account”).
  2. In accordance with the Company’s established standards and procedures (including the verification process when conducting transactions), the Company will decide whether to approve the applicant’s application for opening an account. If the Company grants the application for opening an account, a notice will be issued to the applicant. This will indicate the confirmation of a successful application, and the applicant will become a customer.
  3. After the registration, the account will be limited to the customer’s own use, and the customer himself assumes full responsibility for managing the account. Customers cannot transfer accounts, lend accounts, use the account as a guarantee, or give permission to use the account to anyone, including family members. The customer must strictly manage the username and password as well as the e-mail address. All responsibilities and risks related to the account are borne by the customer.
  4. The customer deposits cryptocurrency and money to his account in order to use the service. However, if the Company judges the cryptocurrency or cash in the customers respective account may be related to actions of crime, the Company can freeze this account without the consent of the customer.
  5. Customers shall notify the Company of any change in registered information through the method prescribed by the Company without delay, and submit the materials requested by the Company.
  6. In case of submitting any documents to the Company, if any of the following items are correlated, re-submission of revised documents will be necessary.
    • (1)in case of confirmation content is unclear
    • (2)in case of Personal identification documents have expiry, but the expiry date has exceeded.
    • (3)in case of Personal identification documents have no expiry, but the Company deems the documents to be invalid.
    • (4)in case of the Company deems it necessary, we might request for other Personal identification documents other than the documents submitted.
  7. Please inform the company invariably in case of registered customers who are Politically Exposed Persons, or are relatives of Politically Exposed Persons.
  8. The Company will not take any responsibilities in regards to any damage or disadvantage caused due to change of the customers personal information in case of the customer has not responded to notifications or document submissions as requested by the company.
  9. At a time of using our service, the Company may conduct confirmations on transaction determined by law and ordinances. In this case, the registered customers shall respond to this confirmation, otherwise he/she might be judged as not appropriate to use all of or part of our service. The customer cannot object to this.

Article 4 (Deposit and refund of money and cryptocurrency)

  1. The customer deposits funds into the account and transfers cryptocurrency in the manner prescribed by the company. The completion of the transfer or other procedure by the customer does not mean that deposition of cryptocurrency into the account is completed. The transaction is not completed until the company confirms receipt of the payment or confirms that the cryptocurrency has been sent.
  2. The Company will refund the money and the cryptocurrency to the account according to the customer’s request. The customer shall specify the transfer account (only to an account with the same name ) or specify the transaction address of the cryptocurrency. When the Company returns money or transfers cryptocurrency in accordance with the customer’s instructions, we will not assume any responsibility in connection with these transactions.
  3. The deposits of cryptocurrency and the upper limit of refunds are determined separately by the company.
  4. If the funds deposited by customers are not used for cryptocurrency transactions for a long period of time, the company has the right to demand refund of these funds.

Article 5 (Definitions Related to Transactions)

  1. The cryptocurrency is the “Virtual Currency” specified in Article 2 item 2 of the Japanese payment services act.
  2. A seller is a customer who outsources the purchase of cryptocurrency, places a sell order on the company’s cryptocurrency trading platform.
  3. A buyer is a customers who is a customer who outsources the purchase of cryptocurrency, places a buy order on the company’s cryptocurrency trading platform.
  4. The price is a unit of the cryptocurrency when you want to purchase or sell cryptocurrency when using this website. The price is displayed in Japanese currency.
  5. The transaction price is the total price paid by the buyer at the time of the establishment of transaction (including the handling fee paid to the company).
  6. Transaction is a cryptocurrency transaction that the customer entrusts to the company as a medium on this website.

Article 6 (About the Cryptocurrency Transaction Process)

  1. The customer can submit a payout or sell order of the cryptocurrency on the website according to his own judgment.
  2. When a customer places a buy or sell order on this website, if the sell price matches the price offered by another customer, the transaction is established at that price within a consistent quantity, and the buyer and seller agree to be bounded by that rule.
  3. When a customer places a buy or sell order on this site, if the sell price matches the price offered by another customer, the customer will automatically trade at the matching price and quantity without notifying the customer.
  4. Without being bound by the above two clauses, when a buy order is submitted, it will start trading immediately in accordance with the quantity that can be traded from the minimum selling price at that time. When the sell order is submitted, the transaction will be matched immediately to the amount that can be traded, starting with the purchase order that sold the highest price at that time. The established order cannot be cancelled.
  5. After the buyer and the seller have settled the transaction, the company will transfer the purchase amount from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account after deducting the handling fee, and transfer the cryptocurrency from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account.
  6. If the website displays an abnormal exchange rate deviating from the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency market (“abnormal exchange rate”) due to a system failure of the company, etc. based on the company’s judgement, the transaction may be cancelled or amended to the actual exchange rate.

Article 7 (About Fees)

There are situations where you may need to pay for the use of this site. For details, please see the Fees introduction posted on our site.

Article 8 (Procedures of Funds and Withdrawals, and of Cryptocurrency Deposits )

  1. The customer’s deposit of funds into the trading account refers to the act of importing Japanese Yen from the deposit account of the bank and other financial institutions to the customer’s fund management account in our  company.
  2. Withdrawals from the customer’s trading account at our company, refers to the transaction of the customer’s funds in the company account to the customer’s bank or other financial institute account in the same name as the customer’s company trading account.
  3. Withdrawal transfers from our company will be executed as instructed by the customer only if the transfer instruction issued by the customer meets the requirements of the company and is completed within the stipulated time.
  4. Regardless of any reasons, If the customer transfer funds are not displayed on their trading account at our company, after 9:00a.m. on the following day during business hours, when the company confirms the funds, the transfer funds will be transacted into the trading account of the customer.
  5. After the Company confirms the customer’s receipt payment of remittance transfer into the company’s trading account, the customer cannot make amendments or cancellations to the funds.
  6. The customer’s transfer of cryptocurrency to the company by deposit from the customers account has to be conducted through the address specified by the company.
  7. In the case of  any transactions of the cryptocurrency from the customers account, it has to inform the company the address it shall be sent to as well as the quantity of the cryptocurrency transaction.
  8. Only if the transfer instructions issued by the customer meet the methods prescribed by the company are met, and are completed within the stipulated time, the cryptocurrency can be transferred out.
  9. In the case of the customer executing a cryptocurrency transfer, as mention in Article 6 item 7, regardless of any reasons, the customer cannot correct or cancel the transfer after the company’s confirmation.
  10. In the case of  transferring a specified amount of cryptocurrency to the customer’s designated address in accordance with the instructions of the customer pursuant to item 7 of this Article, the company will not be responsible for any delays or failure of arrival due to any reason such as the wrong address etc. of the designated cryptocurrency and blockchain of the cryptocurrency.

Article 9 (About Bitcoin Loan)

The company provides customers with loan services through bitcoin ( “Bitcoin Loan”). Customers wishing to make bitcoin loan shall apply under the additional provisions of the bitcoin loan terms. In addition, customers who use bitcoin loan to conduct bitcoin credit transactions need to deposit funds to the company’s designated margin account.

Article 10 (Transaction Content Inquiries) 

  1. The customer uses this service to check the status of their transaction funds and cryptocurrency , and can download the details of the deposit and withdrawal of their account, transaction details and balance report through the website.
  2. If you have any questions about this service, please contact our customer service.
  3. Regarding a customer’s inquiry content, if the relevant regulatory authorities request the customer’s transaction history at the time of inquiry, we may request the customer about the contents of the cryptocurrency transaction. In this case, the customer has to respond immediately to the request. If the company has not received a reply or has received an inappropriate response for a considerable period of time, the customer will not be able to use the service.

Article 11 (Passwords Management)

  1. The customer is responsible for managing and storing the account and password. The customer may not allow a third party to use the account, transfer the account,  change the name of the account, or do any trading.
  2. The company will verify the account and password when the customer visits the website. When the confirmed account and password are consistent with the account and password set by the customer, we will accept the customer’s account as legitimate  and allow transactions. Even if the account and password were stolen or forged, their transaction is still considered valid.
  3. The customer assumes full responsibility for any damages resulting from improper management of accounts and passwords, misuse, third party theft, hacking, etc. we do not take any responsibility.
  4. When the customer discovers that the account and password have been stolen or used by a third party, the customer shall notify the company immediately and follow the company’s instructions.

Article 12 (Processing of personal information)

  1. The company processes your personal information in accordance with our personal information protection policy
  2. The company may provide the personal information of the customer to a third party such as an entrusting party or an agent of the company within the scope of providing this service.
  3. The company may provide customer information upon request after being ordered by a decree or judicial office or supervisory authority.
  4. For the personal information submitted by the Company, the customer can request the Company to disclose it. If you want to know the use of your personal information, please consult with our company.

Article 13 ( Provision of Receipt Information)

  1. The Company shall notify the customer (including but not limited to the documents specified in the “Cabinet Office Ordinance” on Cryptocurrency, Article 17 all items (herein referred to as “Pre-Contract documents”)) in accordance with the documents required by law. We will approve documents that do not violate law and regulations. Instead of the delivery of paper media, electromagnetic devices specified in the following items are available.
    • (1) Send an email to the customer’s email address that in advance has been registered.
    • (2) Files or data  will be posted on the website, and be visible for customers(3) Others Electronic methods that the company  deems appropriate
  2. The customer can withdraw the consent on “Pre-Contract Document” according to the previous item. However, when the consent is withdrawn, necessary measures will be taken without any pre-notification.

Article 14 (Regulation of anti-social activities)

  1. The customer shall indicate that the customer does not belong to any of the following items currently, and neither will participate in the future.
    • (1) Violent groups
    • (2) Member of a gang
    • (3) Training member to be in a gang
    • (4) Crime syndicate related companies
    • (5) Organizations such as corporate extortionists and clubhouses that are disguised as social movements or special violence intelligence organizations.
    • (6) Others that meet the terms above
  2. The customer promises to not and will not teach others to do the following.
    • (1) Violence action
    • (2) Exceeding the law
    • (3) Conduct a verbal threat or violence against transactions
    • (4) Acts of spreading rumors, setting of deceptive plans or using authorizing power  to undermine the company’s reputation, or interfering with  the company’s business.
    • (5) Other acts that correspond to the above terms.

Article 15 (About Cryptocurrency)

Cryptocurrency is not a legal currency and there is no central bank to manage it. Cryptocurrencies have unpredictable risks without the support of their countries or companies. The customer uses this service after understanding the existence of such risks. The customer uses this service to conduct cryptocurrency transactions after considering its own financial status and risk tolerance.

Article 16 (Risk of Cryptocurrency Trading)

There are various risks in cryptocurrency trading. After fully understanding the trading risk of the cryptocurrency shown below, the customer takes full responsibility for it and conducts cryptocurrency transactions based on its own judgment. If the customer suffers losses due to cryptocurrency transactions, the company does not assume any responsibility.

1. Price fluctuation risk

Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate tremendously, and customers may gain huge profits or may suffer huge losses. In the future, governments of various countries may issue measures to ban cryptocurrencies so that the prices of cryptocurrencies may drop sharply or even lose its entire value worth.

2. Liquidity risk

Depending on changes in the market, transactions in cryptocurrencies may not be possible or trade at unfavorable prices.

3. Risks with no complete settlements

In the transaction of cryptocurrency, there is no mechanism that it can confirm the establishment of the transaction, so there is a risk that the transaction goes back invalid.

4. Risk due to hard fork

Depending on cryptocurrency, there is a risk of hard-fork splitting a certain cryptocurrency into two or more, making mutual compatibility incompatible. In that case, there is a risk of significant value declines and transactions being retro activated.

5. 51% Attack risk

Depending on the cryptocurrency, if a miner with malicious intentions has 51% or more of computing power in the mining of cryptocurrency, there is a risk that fraud transactions will be executed.

6. Risks in Relocating Cryptocurrency

In transferring cryptocurrency, the relocation will not be established until  confirmation of the relocation (the certification of relocation in the block chain) is completed, and the transfer will remain suspended for a certain period of time. Therefore, there is a possibility that the transfer of the cryptocurrency between the Company and the customer will not be completed until the transfer is confirmed in the network, and the transfer of the cryptocurrency based on the customer’s instructions may be canceled. Also, since the cryptocurrency is electronically recorded, and transaction relocation are executed through the network, thus it could be lost in the network for some reasons.

7. Risks outside of business hours

The handling of cryptocurrency prices may fluctuate greatly outside our business hours (including during the maintenance period). Even if cryptocurrency transactions cannot be executed outside of our business hours, we will not assume any responsibility for it.

8.  Risk of changes in fees, and  changes in necessary deposit funds relating to of Bitcoin loan credit sales At our discretion, we may change the various fees associated with this service, the necessary deposits or mandatory settlement rates for Bitcoin’s credit sales transactions using Bitcoin loans, and other trading rules that we may determine in connection with this service. When such a rule change is made, new additional funds may be required and the likelihood of mandatory settlement will be high.

9. Risks related to Bitcoin loans (Please refer to Bitcoin Loan Agreement besides this part)

Bitcoin margin selling transactions using Bitcoin loans can sell Bitcoin over deposit amounts. Hence, it is accompanied by a higher risk factor. The greater the credit sales amount of Bitcoin is than the deposit amount, and the expected profit is larger, but there may be a large loss according to the market price.

Therefore, if the market fluctuates in a disadvantageous direction against the customer ’s selling position (open position), in order to prevent a huge loss for customer, by enforcing our company’s specified method to forcibly change all of the customer’s positions (open positions).  There is a possibility that you will have to reverse trading and settlement. In this case, customers may incur losses beyond the deposit money. The customer shall promptly deposit the shortfall that occurred in the event of suffering a loss exceeding the amount of deposit money to the Company.

10. Cyberattack risk

If the cryptocurrency exchange receives a cyberattack, there is a possibility that loss may occur to customer due to leaks of user information, passwords, etc. loss of cryptocurrency or loss of value etc.

11. System Risk

Trade transactions and other transactions that you make using this service are transactions using the electronic trading system. If the customer makes a mistake in order entry, the intended order may not be established, or an unintended order agreement may be settled.

There may be situations where the electronic trading system cannot be used temporarily or for a certain period of time due to various causes such as breakdown of our company or the customer’s own communication or system equipment, communication trouble, natural disaster such as earthquake, cyberattacks, orders may be invalid due to delays or non-arrival of customer’s order instructions to our system. In addition, we may suspend customer’s transactions when electronic trading system fails.

When the market fluctuates suddenly, the price information may be delayed and there is a possibility that deviation may occur between price information on the electronic trading system and the actual price of the market.

The cryptocurrency purchase and sales price calculated by our system may have an abnormal value. We may cancel  transactions based on judgment of the company in the case of transaction being  established due to abnormal value.

In the electronic trading system, if information such as login ID and password used for electronic authentication leaks due to theft or eavesdropping, etc. third parties may exploit that information and loss may occur to customers.

A system failure occurs due to changes in the external environment, etc. Customers will not be able to order via the Internet (our website, smart phone site, application), and orders may be delayed or insoluble, etc. There is also a risk of impeded transactions occurring.

The company will not be responsible for loss of opportunity caused by system emergency maintenance, system failure etc. due to not being able to determine the content of the customer’s order to place an order.

12. Bankruptcy risk

Changes in the external environment, deterioration in the Company’s financial situation, or other circumstances may cause discontinuation to our business. In the event that the Company is unable to continue its business, bankruptcy proceedings may be made to the Company based on laws such as the bankruptcy law, civil rehabilitation law, corporate reorganization law, corporate law etc.

Although the Company manages Japanese Yen and cryptocurrency deposited by the customer separately from the company assets, but does not take any measures to protect the trust of these depositary assets. If the Company fails to succeed, we will not be able to return the customer’s assets, and the customer may suffer losses.

13. Legislation · Tax system change risk

On April 1, 2017, laws and regulations applying to people involved in cryptocurrency transactions were enforced. In the future there is a possibility that cryptocurrency transactions will become forbidden, restricted or strengthened by taxes etc. due to changes in laws, regulations, tax system or policies etc. Cryptocurrency holdings and transactions may become restricted, or handlings may become more disadvantageous than the present situation. In this case, unexpected losses may occur to the customer.

For more information, please contact your local tax experts, tax accountants, lawyers or other experts.

The above risks provide a brief description of the typical risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions, and do not represent all of the risks that can arise in cryptocurrency transactions.

Article 17 (About Liability)

  1. We are constantly striving to work on keeping a stable service, however if the company’s website fails and has service interruption or other errors that may cause losses to the customers, the company will not be responsible for the losses incurred.
  2. The company shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the customer due to communication failures caused by network, system, server, hardware, software etc.
  3. Except for the loss of customers that is caused by the negligence of the Company, the Company is not responsible for any other losses of the customer’s cryptocurrency.

Article 18 (Equipment for use)

  1. customers need to prepare their own equipment and software required to use this service. The company will not prepare any services for activities and method operation guidelines when customers browse the Internet. When using browsing software, follow the rules of the respective software developer.
  2. customers must install anti-virus software at their own expense for security protection and prevention of information leakage.

Article 19 (Copyright, property rights and other rights)

  1. Contents and individual information, trademarks, images, movies, advertisements, and design etc. included in this service (“content”) belong to the rightful author. Trademark rights and other property rights created to be used in this website or for its content shall belong to the author. The software used for this service and other services includes intellectual property protected by intellectual property laws.
  2. The customer may not copy, edit, change, publish, or reproduce the content of the service without consent from the company and other intellectual property owners, unless the customer has obtained consent to rightfully use public distribution, trafficking, translation and other activities, or has obtained the right to use the content without permission by law.,
  3. The company is not responsible if the customer suffers damages in violation of the above actions. If the company suffers a loss due to the customer’s violation of the above behavior, the company has the right to claim compensation.

Article 20 (Stop of this service)

  1. The company may suspend or interrupt services without prior notice based on the following matters. The company is not responsible for any losses caused by the following.
    • (1) When the company or the third party designated by the company performs the maintenance set.
    • (2) When the equipment of this site fails.
    • (3) Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, wars, riots, blackouts, etc.
    • (4) Judicial, administrative agencies, etc.
    • (5) The virtual money market has been disrupted and the company deems it necessary.
    • (6) For other technical reasons our company determines it as necessary.
  2. The company may change or stop some or all of the services without notifying customers. The company is not responsible for damage to customers and third parties caused by the change.

Article 21 (Stop of  Service Notification)

  1. Even if we take measures based on the provisions of the preceding Article without notifying the customer in advance, we will make advance notice to the customer by means of publication on this site or other means deemed appropriate by the Company. However, this is not the case if there is an urgent need and other judgment made by the Company that deem other prior notices as inappropriate.
  2. Even if the customer or a third party suffers damages due to measures taken by the Company based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we will not take any responsibility.

Article 22 (How to Contact customers)

When the company contacts the customers, contacting or notification means will be through publication on our designated website or by sending an e-mail. However, in cases where it is judged as necessary by the company, we might resort to postal service or phone calls.

Article 23 (Link to other websites)

On our website, there will be cases of links to other websites, and a third party can register a trackback or link for other websites and resources. These linked websites and resources are run by their independent owners. The company is not sure about the security of these websites. Thus the company will not be responsible for the losses caused to the customer by visiting these websites.

Article 24 (Stop of this service and  Freezing of Assets)

  1. The Company will stop the use of this service, freezing of the customers assets and take other measures deemed appropriate in accordance with the Company’s discretion if the customer is judged of having performed or he/she is highly suspected to the following actions.
    • (1) When the customer violates laws and regulations or articles of “The Terms of Use”.
    • (2) When the customer has stated false declaration regarding the following terms of Article 14 Subsections (1) and (2), corresponding to any acts of the items falling under Article 2, or corresponding to any acts falling under Article 1 in the “The Terms of Use” agreement conditions.
    • (3) When the customer uses the service itself in violation of any law.
    • (4) When customers use the service to engage in acts that violate public order and good practices.
    • (5) When the customer’s location is unknown.
    • (6) When the customer starts the inheritance procedure.
    • (7) When customers engage in money laundering activities.
    • (8) When a customer forges someone else to create an account or hold multiple accounts.
    • (9) When the customer reconstructs, transmits, publishes, translates, or borrows all or part of the contents of this service without the consent of the company. Or when you want to keep your data for the initiation of these actions.
    • (10) When the customer conducts unfavorable behavior against other customers or third parties.
    • (11) When the customer interferes with the operation of the service, or when it is possible to perform similar behavior.
    • (12) When the customer engages in acts that damage the reputation of the company or the service, or that may perform similar behavior.
    • (13) When the customer makes infringement of intellectual property, reputation, privacy of the company or a third party, or that may perform similar behavior.
    • (14) When the customer gives no response to the confirmation of “personal identification procedure or transaction” by the company based on the Crime Revenue Transfer Prevention Act (case of no response to the necessary transaction confirmation within the agreed period is also included (in case of no response to the necessary transaction confirmation within the agreed period, when there is no reply from the customer, when notification has been send by email and post to the customers address but are not replied to are is also included)
    • (15) When the customer has conducted an action promoting the actions specified in the items listed above.
    • (16) If the company finds that the customer is using this service in an inappropriate manner other than the actions listed above.
  2. When the customer acts in encouraging the conducts of the specified behaviors listed in the above.
  3. The company is not responsible for the losses caused by the company’s implementation of the measures in Article 1.

Article 25 (Change and stop of this treaty)

  1. Based on changes in economic conditions or other reasonable reasons, the company may change or discontinue this Treaty and this service at the discretion of the Company. Due to changes or abolitions, parts or all of this service may discontinue.
  2. The company will  not be responsible for the losses caused by the suspension or abolition of this service as stated in previous item.
  3. When the Treaty and the contents of this service are changed or repealed, the company will inform it on the official website. So always refer to our website for the latest terms of use. If customer is using this service after modification in The Terms of Use, please refer and consent to the latest agreement terms.

Article 26 (Resolution and etc.)

  1. Customers can apply for a cancellation through the methods  specified by the company. If you would like to cancel the contract, please contact us through the inquiry form.
  2. In case of this service is terminated,  and with the company holding the customer’s fund and cryptocurrency (“the customer assets”), the customers will at their own risk transfer the cryptocurrency to a specified  account at a financial institution (however, the account has to be in the customer’s name) or a virtual bank account that the external institution deems appropriate and transfer method confirmation can be obtained, the company will return the customer assets to the customer. However, the customer, as for the cost concerning the refund, the customer shall bear the company’s designated withdrawal fee. In the case of the customer asset coming to a shortage to the withdrawal fee, we are not obligated to refund the customer assets to the customer until the insufficient payments have been made. Furthermore, the company will not bear any costs or cryptocurrency in the case the company does execute the transferring of funds or sending of cryptocurrency as the company will conduct this according to the specifications of the customer. Moreover, the company will not bear any responsibility about the customer’s submit of its financial institution account, or the accuracy or validity of external remitting end information.

Article 27(AML/CFT Cooperation and support)

  1. On the issue of implementing countermeasures regarding Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, the Company will inquire the customer of submitting information about the transaction content, to whom it will be transferred, and the purpose of the act if the Company deems it necessary that the customer’s transaction content has to be examined. we hope for your cooperation.
  2. In the process of examination and confirmation as noted in the previous item, with specific transaction content,  the customers explanation content and other circumstances in consideration, if the Company deems there be any collision with submitted information in regards Economic sanctions, Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, the customer’s cryptocurrency transaction, deposits・withdrawals of Japanese Yen, deposits・paying out of cryptocurrency will further be restricted of use. 
  3. Even if damage or disadvantage occurs to the customer concerning the measures that will be taken as noted in the previous item, the Company will not take any responsibility.

Article 28 (Prohibition of transfer, pawn, etc.)

You may not assign, lease, pawn or otherwise set the rights of third parties, nor provide them to third parties, please understand your contract status under this Agreement and any other rights related to the Service.

Article 29 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)

The law governing this agreement shall be the Japanese law, and for any dispute relating to this Agreement or this Service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Article 30 (About inquiries)

For any questions about this Agreement or Service, please contact us from the inquiry form.

【Revised December 27, 2018】

【Revised April 4, 2019】

【Revised September 25, 2019】

This clause is a translated version of the Japanese version. It is for reference only and has no legal effect. Please refer to Japanese site for details of the terms.

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