Basic System risk Management Policy

BtcBox co.,Ltd (“the Company”) will at time of a computer system shutdown, or system suspension due to fraud etc., computer is being illegally used, or external cyber attack source causing system failure to cryptocurrency relating transactions, thus the Company clients and the Company risking any losses are bill be regarded as system risks.  Recognizing system risks is seen as an important management issue , and the Company as will strive as a whole for improvement of the management system.

1. Coverage scope

This Basic Policy is to cover all computers, database and network information system, asset information, as well as usage and management related tasks of the Company’s assets and business purposes .This policy will apply to the employees of the Company, subcontractors with the Company, and outsourcing agents.

2. Specialty of the system

The company will review evaluations,analysis, further improvements about management risks on a regular basis, and analyze threats and vulnerabilities. We  evaluate the degree of impact system risk will have on the Company and the users, and its necessity of correspondence. The Company endeavours in building a continuous and sustainable management system.

3. System Risk Management System

The company is operating as a whole company cross-sectional management system, sharing information regarding system risks and modification of business content in regards with system risks. We will implement quick and appropriate response to the  system risk such as installation and discarding.

4. Outsourcing Agent system management

If the Company is outsourcing, the eligibility of outsourcing agent will be thoroughly investigated. The outsourcing management systemen risk standard is sought to be equivalent to that of the Company. In order to maintain and upgrade the system risk management standards of the outsourcing agent, the Company has to understand the circumstances of the outsourcing agent and evaluate, so that we can measure and ensure the outsourcing agents reliability. 

5. Education and Awareness regarding System Risks

The Company is endeavours to raise the level  of the system risk management by implementing education regarding system risk management on a regular and continuous basis,so that all employees recognize the importance of the system risk management, and will be capable of taking appropriate measures by themselves.

6. System Risk Audit

The Company  will implement regular audit for the entire business  concerning system risks. Moreover, the company will implement external audit from an independent standpoint if necessary. The audit results will be reported to the management team, and will be managed until necessary executions such as improvements are conducted and completed.

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