Fees Introduction

At BTCBOX,  account management fee is free, however, there is handling fee for trade. For each kind of cryptocurrency, please refer to the fees listed below:

【Account Related Fees】

We are conducting account establishment and deposit asset management.

Account opening fee Free
Account maintenance fee Free

【Cryptocurrency Fees】

The Company’s cryptocurrency trade is cryptocurrency paired with Japanese Yen only.

Cryptocurrency TypeTrade Fee*1Deposit Fees*2Deposit Confirmation*3Withdrawal Fees*4
0.05%Free2 confirmations0.001BTC
0.10%Free18 confirmations0.001BCH
0.10%Free3 confirmations 0.002LTC
0.10%Free12 confirmations0.01ETH

(Tax included in all handling fee)

※For some customers, the trade handling fee rate may be changed

*1 The handling fee rate of trading cryptocurrency or Japanese Yen will be calculated as Trade  fee.

*2 The Company’s handling fee is free of charge, however mining fee occurs separately.

*3 When Authority number of storing has reached the specified number, storing will be confirmed for the first time.

*4 Mining fee is included in the Company’s storing fee

Reflection time of Cryptocurrency Withdrawal

During business hours (weekdays 9:00-17:30) withdrawal request are reflected in sequential order of the day. Outside business hours,the withdrawal will be reflected within 12 hours (for safety reasons, cryptocurrency withdrawals will be a manual procedure.)

In case of necessary emergency system maintenance or safety confirmation, delays may occur depending on blockchain conditions. 

There is no upper limit for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, however it will take more time in case of large sums of withdrawals.

【Japanese Yen Fees

Deposit handling fee

Making a deposit to the Company’s account is free of handling fee.
Bank transfer fee from any bank will be the responsibility of the customer.
However,  Deposit transfer from Sumishin Net Bank to the Company  are free of handling fee.

【Withdrawal handling fee】

Withdrawal amount within ¥150,000 : ¥400
Withdrawal amount over ¥150,000 : ¥750
(Tax included handling fee)
(Bank handling fee is included in the Company’s withdrawal handling fee)

※ When closing the account, the customer is responsible for handling fee of cancel returns in Japanese Yen.

Reflection time of Deposits in Japanese Yen

During business hours (weekdays 9:00-17:30) : Reflection in sequential order of the day

Outside business hours: Reflection will be executed by the following business day.

Regarding the reflection as noted above, deposits will be processed after payment arrival has been confirmed at the Company.

In the following cases client may not be able to confirm deposit reflections, so please check.

In case of forgetting to input your 6 digit ID before the name of the ”Paying client 振込依頼人”
In case of the “Payer name 振込人名義” and the account holder’s name are different.

We may not be able to support the client in correcting the errors, so after the payment is reflected in the official procedure, it will be requested  to conduct a withdrawal transaction.

Withdrawal Reflection time of Japanese Yen

Withdrawal procedures will be conducted in sequential order during business days.

In case of no reflection of bank balance past the next business day after withdrawal indications, please contact the Company.

We do not support  abroad remittance.

【Minimum trading amount】

We do not have a minimum deposit limit , however we have assigned a ‘’Minimum trading amount’’ for cryptocurrency trading.  When depositing Japanese Yen, please confirm each cryptocurrency amount.

As the value of cryptocurrency is constantly changing, please take a look at the current chart when depositing the necessary amount of Japanese Yen for a trading. We also encourage the client to do the calculation by themselves.







BCH(Bitcoin Cash)


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