BTCBOX Charter of Behavior

1. Strictly abide by laws and regulations

We strictly abide by various laws and regulations, abide by social norms, and conduct honest and fair corporate activities.

2. Provide high-quality service

We will use our creativity and originality to meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the economic and social development at home and abroad by providing products and services.

3. Communication with society

We must not only communicate extensively with shareholders but also communicate extensively with the society and actively and fairly disclose company information.

4. Respect for the human rights of employees

In addition to respecting the human rights and personality of employees, work environment should be constructed.

5. Solve environmental problems

Companies need to take environmental issues into account when conducting business activities and take active rental action for this purpose.

6. Corporate social responsibility

Enterprises must strive to be “good corporate citizens” and actively contribute to society

7. Boycott anti-social activities

We resolutely resist anti-social forces and organizations that pose a threat to social order and security.

8. The status of this clause

This Treaty is a translated version of the Japanese version. It is for reference only and does not have legal validity. Please refer to Japanese for details of the terms.

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