About us

As our motto reveals, our service is a Safe and Secure Cryptocurrency exchange

BTCBOX is officially registered at Japan’s Financial Services Agency, and we currently are the longest continued cryptocurrency exchange for order book trading of Bitcoin in Japan. Since our service started in April 2014, we have not had one leakage or accident in 5 years, and our sales points are due to high security level. The coins currently  accepted for trade at our company are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and LiteCoin (LTC).

As our customer support system, we offer support by phone, email and chatting portal, and provide customer service in Japanese, English and Chinese. It does not depend on any external departments, and the Company’s internal departments work independently having a good grip of all the internal information, so that we can provide a high quality customer support.

The customer assets are stored in a evaluated and verified safe wallet. That is programmed to be virtually offline, thus it is preventing cyber attacks and internet threats. Furthermore, the wallet itself is fully protected against theft and losses.

It is not only our wallets, but the main order book trade system and our trading venue have cleared verification tests more than 1000 times so that it maintains the system making it highly reliable. On top of that, we have a second verification step in order to maintain our highly security level.


  • MAR 2014
    BtcBox Co., Ltd. established
    Director David Zhang established the company with a capital of 5 million yen
  • APR
    Commencement of Cryptocurrency Exchange (BTCBOX Exchange) service
    Started BTC(Bitcoin) and LTC(Lite Coin) trading
  • JUL 2015
    Monthly volume of bitcoin exceeds 500,000 BTC
  • FEB 2016
    Commencement of Bitcoin Loan service
  • APR 2017
    Enforcement of the Revised Fund Settlement Act (start of Registration Applications)

  • AUG
    Started BCH(Bitcoin Cash) trading for the first time in Japan
  • SEP
    Completion of Cryptocurrency Exchange Registration
    Initiation of service as a Registered Cryptocurrency exchange (as of the same month)
  • NOV
    Started ETH(Ethereum) trading
  • DEC
    Relocation to a new office in Kayabacho completed
  • OCT 2018
    Establishment of TTXHoldings Co., Ltd. (CEO Diving Zhang, Capital of 5 million yen)
  • MAR 2019
    The shareholder David Zhang, transferred all the shares of BtcBox Co., Ltd. to the parent company TTXHoldings
  • MAY
    Increased capital by 2 million Yen by underwriting to parent company
    As the above, founder of BTCBOX assumed as the new Director, Harutoshi Tsuji, due to shift of previous company Director.
  • JUN
    Increased capital by 3 million yen by underwriting to parent company
  • SEP
    Marked 2000th day since start of service

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BtcBox Co.,Ltd.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Registration No. 00008
JVCEA Membership number 1008