Basic Policy of Information security

BtcBox co.,Ltd (“the Company”) fully recognizes the importance of managing information security. In the following,  in order to maintain the information security management structure, we are continuously engaged in its development.

1.Information security Management system

  • In order to feature information security effectively, the Company will clearly position its role and responsibility.
  • The Company maintain the management structure of information security. 

2.Internal Company regulations

  • The Company is implementing information security management, and also is  maintaining information security relating regulations etc.

3.Information security countermeasure

  • Based on as noted in the Company’s“ Basic Information Security Policy”, information safety management measure has been settled on, and information handlings have clearly been stated.

4.Internal Audit Enforcement

  • We  conduct internal  audits for authority of company regulations, law, guidelines etc. We are periodically  verifying the effectiveness of ensuring safety for Information Security

5.Outsourcing Agent Management supervision

  • At a time of signing a contract with an outsourcing agent, thorough examination has to be applied for the eligibility of an outsourcing agent.  The outsourcing agent has to have a security level maintenance equal to or higher than the Company. In addition, periodical examinations will be implemented  to confirm the adequacy of the security level of an external agent.
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