“Get a prize for sure by Inviting a friend” Invitation Program

Thank You for your constant supporting. We are holding a invitation program, and hope that everyone will join us.

【Program Content】

By using an Invitation Code issued by the Company, we will present 1000 Yen to the accounts of both the newly registered customer and the inviting customer.

  • The customers who chose “Speedy Identification Authentication” for opening of account will see a reflection of 1000 Yen in their balance account as soon as the screening is completed at the Company.
  • The customers who chose “Confirmation with No Transfer of Postcard” will see a reflection of 1000 Yen in their balance account after input of One Time Password stated on the Postcard.

【Participation Requirements】

  • Shall be a personal accounts (excl. institutional accounts)
  • Shall enter the Invitation Code on the identification confirmation screen, and complete the identification authorization.
  • When issuing the prize, the inviter and the invited individual shall both have completed identification confirmation, and shall not be in a state of frozen or cancelled account.

【Notification about the Program】

  • This program may be changed or cancelled without the notice from the company, due to unpredictable circumstances. (We will notify you 1 month in advance in case of this program ending)
  • There will be an account examination. Depending on screening status, it may take some time or the application may be rejected.
  • If the the user is deemed of corresponding to acts to the items of Article 25 of Terms of Use, the use of this service will be suspended for the user, and the held assets will be frozen. Other measures that the Company deems as appropriate may be taken at our discretion.
  • There is no limit for Invitation Codes.
  • This program is an Invitation program between acquaintances. If the Company deems any acts of writing an Invitation Code on SNS or WEB page that can be viewed by unspecified majority, the gift Prize will not be given.

The following items will not be subjected to the program.

  • If account already has been cancelled.
  • If the program ends during opening of account
  • If incorrect Invitation Code entry
  • If the user to be invited has already completed Identification Authentication at BTCBOX.

Inviter (Identification Authentication Completed Users only)

After login by users (excl. institutional accounts) who have completed Identification Authentication, the Invitation Code will be displayed on the screen. After this, please send the Invitation Code to all who are about to open an account at BTCBOX. After completing the Invitee’s Identification confirmation , the 1000 Yen will be reflected in your balance.

Invitation Code Confirmation method

PC (WEB Version)

After login to the Homepage, the Invitation Code will be displayed on the top of the screen page.

Smartphone Browser (WAP Version)

After login to the Homepage from a Smartphone, the Invitation Code will be displayed on the bottom of the screen page

 Smartphone App

After login on the BTCBOX App (Android), if you click on the “財産センター Finance” in the Menu, the Invitation code (招待コード) will be displayed.

User to be Invited

The Invitee (User to be Invited) shall not have completed Identification Authentication.

BTCBOX Free Registration method

The individuals who yet have to complete opening a BTCBOX account, shall receive the “Invitation Code” from their acquaintance, and at the time of registering, enter the code. By doing this, 1000 Yen will be reflected in their balance. After registering Email address and Phone Number, on the Basic Personal Information screen, the Enter form for the “Invitation Code” will be displayed.

※ If any enter mistakes are made, the gift Prize will not be given. Thus, we recommend to copy and paste the Invitation Code as it is.


Notice on Cryptocurrency

  1. The cryptocurrency operated by our company complies with the cryptocurrency defined by the Japan Financial Services Agency and the Finance Bureau in the Assets Settlement Act.
  2. The Financial Services Agency, the Finance Bureau and our company do not guarantee or recommend the value of the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency does not necessarily have the back-up assets.
  3. Please pay attention to the following points when trading cryptocurrency.
    • (1) Cryptocurrency is not the legal currency that is supported by the government such as Yen and US dollar. It is an electronic data on the Internet.
    • (2) The price of cryptocurrency may fluctuate drastically. There may be a sudden drop or loss of value, and you may suffer losses.
    • (3) The cryptocurrency exchange needs to register with the Financial Services Agency and the Finance Bureau. We are a chartered cryptocurrency exchange (Charter Number: East Japan Local Finance Bureau No. 00008).
    • (4) When trading with cryptocurrency, please read the explanatory documents (The terms of use, etc.) on our website and decide for yourself whether or not to conduct a transaction.
    • (5) Advisory on fraud in cryptocurrency is increasing. Please pay more attention when using cryptocurrency. It is necessary to guard against fraud and other illegal activities, as people may decoy to provide assistance in registering the cryptocurrency exchange etc.

Cryptocurrencies currently traded by our company are approved by the Financial Services Agency and the Finance Bureau.

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