Company Profile


Company NameBtcBox co.,Ltd.
Description of BusinessCryptocurrency exchange business
Cryptocurrency exchange “BTCBOX” management
Establishment DateMarch 6, 2014
Capital1370.14 million yen
Head Office LocationBRICK GATE Kayabacho 5F, 2-8-1 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
CEOHarutoshi Tsuji
Advisory Law OfficeAnderson Mori & Tomotsune
Accounting audit・Segregation auditZELOS Audit Corporation
Tax Accounting FirmSAKURA CHUO Tax Accountants’ Corporation
Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Registration codeKanto Finance Bureau No. 00008
Self-Regulatory OrganizationJapan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association (JVCEA) 
Membership number 1008



  • MAR 2014
    BtcBox Co., Ltd. established
    Director David Zhang established the company with a capital of 5 million yen
  • APR
    Commencement of Cryptocurrency Exchange (BTCBOX Exchange) service
    Started BTC(Bitcoin) and LTC(Lite Coin) trading
  • JUL 2015
    Monthly volume of bitcoin exceeds 500,000 BTC
  • FEB 2016
    Commencement of Bitcoin Loan service

  • APR 2017
    Enforcement of the Revised Fund Settlement Act (start of Registration Applications)

  • AUG
    Started BCH(Bitcoin Cash) trading for the first time in Japan
  • SEP
    Completion of Cryptocurrency Exchange Registration
    Initiation of service as a Registered Cryptocurrency exchange (as of the same month)
  • NOV
    Started ETH(Ethereum) trading
  • DEC
    Relocation to a new office in Kayabacho completed
  • OCT 2018
    Establishment of TTXHoldings Co., Ltd. (CEO Diving Zhang, Capital of 5 million yen)
  • MAR 2019
    The shareholder David Zhang, transferred all the shares of BtcBox Co., Ltd. to the parent company TTXHoldings
  • MAY
    Increased capital by 2 million Yen by underwriting to parent company
    As the above, founder of BTCBOX assumed as the new Director, Harutoshi Tsuji, due to shift of previous company Director.
  • JUN
    Increased capital by 3 million yen by underwriting to parent company
  • SEP
    Marked 2000th day since start of service

  • FEB 2020
    Commencement of JPY Direct Deposit service
  • APR
    Commencement of Speedy Authentication service (eKYC)

  • OCT
    Commencement of Easy Trading service
  • APR 2022
    Started DOGE(Dogecoin) trading
  • JUN
    Started DOT(Polkadot) trading


Organization Chart

BtcBox Co.,Ltd.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Registration No. 00008
JVCEA Membership number 1008