Complaints handling flow

Article 1  Purpose

This regulation defines necessary matters for fast and appropriate processing such as complaints etc. concerning business conducted by us.

Article 2  Definition

  1. “Complaints” in this regulation mean those concerned with the business conducted by us, express dissatisfaction such as seeking actions based on our responsibilities or responsibilities.
  2. “Conflict” in this regulation refers to a complaint that can not be resolved between parties.
  3. “Complaints, etc.” in this regulation means complaints, disputes and consultations equivalent thereto.

Article 3 Matters to be recognized by executives and employees

Executives and employees must recognize that there is a possibility of suffering disadvantage such as the loss of credibility due to complaints etc. from users.

Article 4 Chief administrative officer

The chief administrative officer responsible for handling complaints etc. is the manager of compliance department.

Article 5 Report on complaints etc. occurrence

Those who received primary complaints etc. shall immediately submit a document stating the following matters to the compliance manager.

(1)  Contact information of the applicant (person in charge in the case of a corporation)

(2)  Content

(3)  Contact route

(4)  Time

(5)  Receptionist

Article 6 Formulation and approval of response

  1. In the case of receiving the document prescribed in the preceding article, the manager of compliance shall promptly report to the department manager who is in charge of the matters concerned (hereinafter referred to as “department manager”) and order the department manager to confirm the factual relationship or to investigate.
  2. Based on the confirmation or investigation set forth in the preceding paragraph, the department manager shall prepare responses to complaints, report them to the representative director via the compliance manager, obtain approval from the representative director concerning responses, and respond to the submitter.

Article 7 Response method

  1. Response to complaints etc is entrusted to the related manager.The manager should, from the time of offering until after processing, appropriately explain to complainants etc. according to the proceedings of response to complaints, etc.while paying attention to user characteristics(for example, acceptance notice, explanation of responding procedure for complaints, progress situation, result, etc. ). Regarding the progress of response to complaints etc., we will report in writing to the compliance manager from the department manager in each case.
  2. Compliance manager shall report to the representative director on the situation of response to complaints etc. under the preceding paragraph.
  3. For the cryptocurrency exchange industry related dispute with complainants, in case of making a dispute settlement measure stipulated by Article 9 itself, rather than making a petition easily without doing their own procedures, we will respond adequately to complaints etc from the user and make a motion with regard to the necessity of obtaining the approval of the representative director.
  4. In responding to complaints etc, personal information concerning the applicant etc. of complaints etc shall be handled appropriately based on guidelines on protection of personal information.
  5. For pressures pretending to be a complaint by antisocial forces, distinguish them from ordinary complaints and so on, and deal appropriately in accordance with rules on the prevention of damage by antisocial forces.

6. The compliance manager shall appropriately manage progress to resolve complaints, etc., to prevent the occurrence of long-term outstanding matters and promptly resolve unpaid items.

7. The compliance manager shall make efforts to widely accept complaints, etc. such as enhance correspondence at the reception desk according to the occurrence situation of complaints etc., and to set access time / access means considering user convenience etc.

Article 8 Complaint handling measures

  1. We take measures as listed in item 1 of Article 25, paragraph 1 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on cryptocurrency exchange traders as grievance treatment measures. Following is the contact information for cryptocurrency exchange complaints at BTCBOX.


BTCBOX Co.Ltd.  Compliance Department

(Address)2 chome 8-1, Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo BRICK GATE Kayabacho 5F

Contact Form

  1. Complaint handling related to cryptocurrency exchange at BTCBOX is carried out fairly and appropriately according to this rule and business flow of other sheet.
  2. Regarding the work flow in item 1 and the business flow in the preceding paragraph, we shall attempt to make known by way of posting on our website. In addition, this rule should be informed by methods posted on our website and so forth.

Article 9 Dispute Settlement Measures

  1. We take measures as set forth in Article 25, Paragraph 2, Item 1 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance as dispute resolution measures for cryptocurrency exchange. We shall attempt to resolve the dispute related to cryptocurrency exchange by mediation or arbitration proceedings made by each bar association with which we concluded an agreement.The contact information of each Bar Association is as follows.

<Tokyo Bar Association>

(Name)Tokyo Bar Association Dispute Resolution Center

(Address)〒100-0013 1-1-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Bar Association Hall


<First Tokyo Bar Association>

(Name)First Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center

(Address)〒100-0013 1-1-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Bar Association Hall


<Second Tokyo Bar Association>

(Name)Second Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center

(Address)〒100-0013 1-1-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Bar Association Hall


  1. Based on the guidance and supervision of the general manager, we shall comply with the rules established by the bar association and strive to resolve the dispute appropriately in accordance with the mediation or arbitration proceedings of the Bar Association.
  2. We shall make awareness by posting it on the website to inform the dispute resolution through bar association.
  3. Even if the dispute relating to cryptocurrency exchange is pending in the mediation or arbitration proceedings conducted by the bar association, appropriate response (correspondence etc. normally done to users, such as providing general information and explanation) shall be made to the user who is the other party to the said procedure as necessary.
  4. We continuously monitor the status of dispute resolution by the bar association, examine and review dispute resolution measures as necessary.

6.In cases where the bar association suggests a settlement proposal, a solution plan such as an amendment (hereinafter referred to as a “solution plan”), based on the rules of bar association, under the guidance and supervision of the manager, we will promptly review the solution and obtain the approval of the representative director on acceptability.

  1. When accepting the proposed solution, we will promptly respond at the department in charge of the matter, and the manager will conduct a post-honor review on the performance status etc.
  2. When refusing acceptance of the proposed solution, in accordance with the rules of the bar association, we will promptly explain the reasons and shall take appropriate measures under the guidance and supervision of the supervisor.
  3. When the dispute resolution petition is outside the handling scope of external organizations introduced to user due to geography, complaints, conflict content or other reasons, or when handling by other external organizations is appropriate, it is possible that we introduce other appropriate external organizations etc. to the users within the scope.

Article 10 Management of records and improvement & response to prevent recurrence

  1. Regarding the content of processing complaints, etc and the result of coping, in addition to what we dealt with, including those involving external institutions, the compliance manager records and preserves it appropriately and accurately.
  2. Compliance manager should, based on the report received from the department manager and the records in the preceding paragraph, analyzes and grasps the cause etc. of complaints etc., utilizes the analysis result, orders the department manager to improve user response and administrative stance or find measures to prevent recurrence of complaints continuously as necessary.
  3. In the situation that the department manager has formulated measures to improve the position and prevent recurrence, it shall be reported to the representative director via the compliance manager and receive approval from the representative director on measures to improve the position and prevent reoccurrence.
  4. In order to thoroughly respond to complaints, etc., the compliance manager shall make efforts to prevent recurrence by conducting training using official records and records of complaints etc. to executives and employees.
  5. In the event that an administrative process error occurs in the course of processing such as a complaint, the person in charge should report to the manager in charge. The manager shall consult with the compliance manager and take appropriate measures.

Article 11 Contact with related officials office

Contact with the Financial Services Agency etc. for handling complaints etc. shall be handled by the compliance manager.

Article 12 Matters that may develop into complaints etc.

  1. For items that may develop into complaints etc in the future, those who have reported or received information from a third party shall report this to compliance manager without delay.
  2. The compliance manager shall report the contents of the report to the representative director as necessary.

Article 13 Holding regular council

  • To respond appropriately & promptly to customer complaints, analyze complaints causing factors & trends and to prevent future recurrence. Meetings are held regularly, including the representative director, the department manager in charge of complaints occurrence and the director of compliance department. In addition, the representative director confirms whether any case is developing into litigation.
  • If complaints from users become frequent, we will verify the information and thoroughness of related rules etc. to the department manager who is involved in the complaint and verify the causes and problems of the implementation plan at the regular council.

Article 14 Internal audit

Regarding internal audit, rapid and appropriate handling and response to complaints & this regulation and other laws.

Article 15 revision or abolition

The amendment or abolition of this regulation is based on the resolution from the board of directors.

Supplementary provision

This regulation comes into force from March 31, 2017.

Enactment Date March 31, 2017

Modified date May 8, 2017

Modified date September 12, 2017

Modified date August 31, 2018

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