The “Satoshi Nakamoto” Crypto Illustration Contest entries from you all! 

We were on the outlook for original illustrations of the parent creator of Bitcoin “Satoshi Nakamoto” on Twitter it being our theme for our 1st Crypto Illustration Contest.

We received many wonderful entry works and appreciate you for taking part. All of the works were unique, and our team had a enjoyed all of the wonderful works.

We would like to introduce all the entry works that have been approved on this time’s contest (the works are listed in order of earliest posting on Twitter)

the creator of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was made in 2009

Who is the bitcoin maker?

satoshi manages the making of bitcoin

Bitcoin chef

satoshi’s Incredible MIND

the birth of bitcoin in the hands of satoshi

The Happy Satoshi

Mr. Satoshi assembles bitcoin

The Bitcoin Coder

Satoshi’s Brilliant Mind

really Satoshi Nakamoto who created bitcoin

Satoshi leads people to find the treasure of the universe

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash has been created Mission Success

Whitepaper Bitcoin was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto

11 Years Ago The Launching of Whitepaper Bitcoin

who is the real creator of bitcoin