We have marked 2000th day since our start of service

BTCBOX has been able to celebrate its 5th anniversary because of your support and patronage. As of 30th September 2019, we will be celebrating the 2000th day since we started our service.

The company started cryptocurrency service on 9th April 2014, and the handling cryptocurrencies were the 3 kinds: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. At the time, there were very few people who understood the logic behind Bitcoin within Japan, and customer who would do trade were rare. Even during those days, 2 weeks after our start of service, we had 341 customer registered users.

BTCBOX at the time of April 2014 

BTCBOX at the time of 2014,  due to many people had a skeptic impression on cryptocurrency, the company announced “ Regain trust for trade” and published various information regarding wallets.

After 3 years in 2017, the company registration as a Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Provider was completed. In addition, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash were also introduced as trading cryptocurrency. 

Up until now, BTCBOX has been able to continue because of the existence of our customers who have supported us as from our core users.

We will continue to provide a safe exchange, and also offer unique services in the future⚡

We look forward to your continued support in the future.