The Crypto Kanji of 2019 is “Bubble「泡」”

We implemented an election in order to vote for this year’s most suitable Kanji, with the title “Crypto Kanji Prize of the Year 2019”. We have your results now, and this year’s Kanji has been determined to be “Bubble「泡」”

Domestic token terminations and cryptocurrency exchange shutdowns, arrest of influential trader etc., their existence has been disappearing like bursting bubbles. I selected in the hopes of this Kanji will increase the bubbles for next year as crypto fever is expanding to industries.


This time, the votes for “Bubble「泡」” gained more than 40% of the total votes, and it seems like many of you were relating very deeply with this Kanji. We wonder what next year will bring to all of us. We are looking forward to the next coming Kanji of the Year 2020, after “Bubble「泡」”

We would like to thank all of you for participating in “Crypto Kanji Prize of the Year 2019”. We at BTCBOX hope and wish for a wonderful year for the cryptocurrency market.