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Lark Davis, better on as The Crypto Lark is a Content creator, Youtuber and a influencer. He is New Zealand’s most popular crypto personality. He grew up on a small organic homestead, reading and  dreaming of space travel and pretending to be Indiana Jones. Known for his fun and articulate, entertaining style, Lark combines his political science background, critical thinking skills and bright sense of humor to produce content that explores blockchain solutions for the corrupted world.

Lark Davis

Interview Date :15th April 2020

Bitcoin to the Moon. Woohoo!

How is it going! My name is Lark Davis and I am a Crypto Youtuber with over 115000 subscribers. I got “very” creative when creative when creating my youtube name and so ended up with “The Crypto Lark”.

I have been making youtube videos for years now. I have also made a youtube beginners crypto course for those who need to get the basic right. I made this to help people come into the crypto space. Even though I have been making these videos for years, I have been trying to keep the videos in a way that if somebody showed up today, that person can still get some information and understand whats happening.

Lark Davis

Back in the day, we had STEEM!

In the beginning, I started of with STEEM. That was the first place where I started interacting more with the cryptocurrency community, buying bitcoin, and also earning on STEEM for posting on the STEEM platform. That kind of hooked me in. I was posting about things like travel stories or review of places I had been to. Then I started posting about bitcoin, because I was also excited about bitcoin. At that time,I was also investing in bitcoin. After a short while people started asking questions, and so they would ask things like “well, what do you think about this aspect of bitcoin?” I would reply by making another post on STEEM in order to answer them. Eventually I realized I have been spending a lot of time writing these posts. So, in order to do better time-wise, instead of writing more posts, I just started making videos that would be way quicker. I remember I recorded my first video, uploaded it on youtube, and then posted it on STEEM. Well, youtube become more popular very quickly and I didn’t really post on STEEM anymore. I haven’t used STEEM on a long time, but it was what got me into the cryptocurrency community and into content creation.

Change in Youtubers over the years

I started my crypto career as a content creator in 2017. At that time, there were a few of the bigger channels that we see nowadays, and some others came a little later on in 2018~2019. People like Ivan on Tech or DataDash started around a similar as me. Now, there have been a few big crypto channels before that, but not many of them are creating content now. A couple of them, like Davincij15 for instance, has been around for some years and still is making content, so that’s pretty cool. Most of the people who were making content 5 years ago are not making content anymore, and even if they would be, they are definitely not making content regularly anymore.

Why that has become is due to they maybe just made too many millions of dollars in 2017, and they are living in an island in the Caribbean. Who knows? Everyone has got their reasons make and not make content. Making content it is a full-time gig. You really have to be engaging with the community, and make interesting content. Obviously, you are also putting yourself out there for criticism, so some people might just prefer live the quieter live.

Crypto Community people are Critical thinkers

I also have absolutely received criticism. There is criticisms everyday; your opinions, comments etc. For me, if it’s good faith-criticism or somebody wants to have a debate on ideas, that is always very welcome. However, once in a while, there definitely is a no-coiner who will come to my comment section, and say something like “ bitcoin is all a big scam”. you cannot escape them. There will always be those people on the internet. Nevertheless, most people in the cryptocurrency community are very passionate and excited people, and also are critical thinkers open to new ideas. They are into saving and solving money problems, so it’s really an uplifting and encouraging community to be a part of.

Crypto Youtubers Influence Bitcoin Price

Cryptocurrency YouTubers do have an influence on the price of bitcoin, however I believe that it depends on how engaged the community is. It can be quite a significant influence, especially if we start taking about smaller market cap coins. For instance, so if you are a crypto Youtuber with a large audience, and you start promoting a smaller market cap coin, there is a chance that the price of the coin actually might move because the volumes are quite small. Likewise, companies who are looking to do fundraising can see investments return from having content creators promote their products. So there definitely is influence there.

I really like to focus on educating, so I never tell people to “go out and buy this” or “ go out and trade this way”. I just try to express my opinion; this is what I am thinking and this is where my mind is at this moment!” People really have to make their own decision. Unfortunate, the reality is that it is the internet, and there will be those people who see a thumbnail, and that’s how they trade based on it. They don’t watch the video and don’t even what to listen to anything you have to say! There will always be a certain percent of those people who don’t do their own due diligence and research; they just jump at the first thing they see. That’s unfortunate because most of the cryptocurrency community are talented people who critically think and examine things. I think that coming to crypto youtube or crypto twitter, it’s just a great place to discuss and exchange ideas, get news, but it shouldn’t be your personal and financial adviser.

Youtube Crypto Community is Huge!

The crypto community on Youtube is absolutely huge! It is hard to say how big, but I have 115000 subscribers which is cool, but there is at least a million people go to youtube and get some variety of cryptocurrency related content as there is a lot of different potential content. I focus more on news and a little about trading as well, but then there are channels that focus just on news, just on trading, or just reviews so they appeal to different audiences. Different content creators will also appeal to different audiences. I am a character, and I am a bit weird and that’s OK! I just try to be me but I may not be for everybody. Maybe somebody who thinks “this guy is a bit too weird for me”, maybe that person likes DataDash more because he is a bit more serious and he also has great content. You also have a great choice of content as a consumer on youtube from many of different perspectives, different points of views, personalities and focuses. So, you are really spoiled as somebody who is watching on youtube as you have got lots of great options out there.

The Crypto Lark : YouTube Channel

Cryptocurrency Explained Beginner Course


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