Educate Yourself about Value (Writer and Translator at BTCBOX)

Writer and Translator at BTCBOX

I am Lina K., and I am a writer, editor, and translator at BTCBOX. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to interview and have a talk with so many passionate and critical thinking people from all corners of the crypto sphere. I did not enter did industry with an economics degree in my hands, but I am glad that my path lead me here.

Not everything can be a Coincidence

Due to the exposure to multiculturalism during my childhood, and the stable and safe society that I grew up in, I have always been fascinated by different languages. I have always wanted to become a person who would be able to go everywhere in the world without a language barrier. With 6 languages, I am on the way to achieving my dream but still very far from it. When I am not able to understand a certain language in a certain environment which I find myself in, it intrigues me in learning and mastering the language. Japanese was one of those. I now am able to realize the things that have happened to me might is maybe not just an incident, and do feel quite blessed to have gotten the chance of entering the early stages of my career as a translator, editor, content creator.

Educate Yourself about Value

My passion for languages led me to become a translator, which again led me to the next level; BTCBOX. Start working at BTCBOX has opened my eyes and expanded my knowledge about what money and value truly mean. It also makes me wonder about how society is running, and what kind of political views there are out there. I now understand that, for people who are outside of a circle which does not discuss money or value, it will never understand what and how the flow of society and the economy is moving.

“How is the cashless society trend in Norway?”

Let’s think about Scandinavia a little. I grew up in Scandinavia, but if someone would have asked me “how is the cashless society trend in Norway?” some time ago, I would not able to answer that  because I had never thought about it. As a millennial, having grown up in one of the most blessed countries in the world, I was never taught that I had to learn about money, investing, or what it is. Sadly, many people around my generation, most probably do have a couple of credit cards and use them with no sense of its value. The banks are making money out of that as they know that people are oblivious to the truth due to the convenience or those plastic cards. “What if the government seizes my card tomorrow when I wake up?” because they can. So, thinking critically has become a weapon of mine that doesn’t let me put my guard down.

Today I know that 90% of all transactions in Norway are electronic, and less than 10% in cash. Norway has surpassed the UK, USA, and almost all other countries, and could arguably already be called “a cashless society”. It has become very convenient, but maybe a little too convenient. I think that, is we are on the way of becoming a completely cashless society, then we also need to have more privacy and less disclosure. If Norway would be able to use bitcoin, like implemented in Switzerland, more people would become their bank and take care of their assets. Only because you use a bank account and a credit card, does not mean you own your assets. I would like to take that right back into my own hands.

Super Women Power

I have had the honor to interview and talk to so many great and humble people. These have been people who stay strong in what they believe in and at the same time were so different. They have inspired me and opened my eyes in many ways. As a woman in the cryptocurrency space, I have looked up to people like the actress, film/tv producer, opera singer, CEO and founder of Rainsworth Productions and so much more, voluntarist Naomi Brockwell, and the delightful and strong pioneer cyber law advocate N.S Nappinai who has been in the scene since 1991, and has now become a renowned lawyer focusing on litigation and policy work in addition to teaching government officials, police officers, armed forces, and students. These two might have some contradictory ideologies, where Naomi is fighting for a decentralized world in which you have actual privacy and no one has any records of your data, and at the other end Nappinai is trying to create and get all the cyber laws and tech laws into one category in the Indian Law and Regulations, and also in the Supreme Court she is exploring Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions to root out uploading of heinous content against women and children online. The stories both touched and inspired me and yet again made me realize I can become a much better version of myself than what I am now.

Youtube Generation

Other Interesting and fun interviews I had was with Youtubers Crypto Lark and Mark Friedrich. When I got the opportunity to interview them, I did not know what to expect. Little did I know that they are wonderful human beings with a sense of humor and a very strong grasp of what is going on in the economy around them. Mark Friedrich is a german author and has already appeared on TV several times trying to wake up people and letting them know that the monetary system is completely corrupt throughout the world. Lark did have similar ideologies and opinions and also is very passionate about letting people know what is going on in the crypto sphere through his Youtube videos.

Transhumanists are Cool

Mr. Zoltan Istvan who is the runner for the 2020 vice-president from the Libertarian Party in America and believes in Transhumanism; the power of technology and science that will radically change the human body and society for the better . I never knew that such a huge transhumanist community even existed until I stumbled upon an article that talked about the candidate and about the idea of radical technology which made me think again about the things happening in the world.

Not something I could have guessed but it’s Brilliant; Crypto Art

After many more interviews with economists and activists, I took a left turn and had the chance to interview the Crypto Artist Vesa Kivinen from Finland. He described that the corruption happening in the monetary system today as “the earth’s arteries have been clogged and we are right before having a heart attack, and the only thing that can open up the veins is crypto”. I just loved the way he put it. Not to mention, his art and craft are extraordinary and wonderful pieces and his gallery is on a Cryptovoxels platform using Ethereum technology. This is also a new platform that has been gaining attention in recent years and is getting bigger day by day.

Not in necessarily in Crypto, but they are Amazing

I could just go on talk the whole day about Blockstreams’s Allen Piscitello, CoinGecko’s Bobby Ong, CipherTrace, Ashim Sood, Ian Gauci, SpaceChain and so many more, but I would like to talk about some people whom I am following in my private life. Hasan Minhaj is one of my favorite comedians and also a writer, producer, political commentator, and actor. I loved his speech at the White House Correspondence Dinner Event in 2017. Now, he has his show on Netflix and is shedding light on very controversial issues all around America and the World. I don’t know if he is interested in Bitcoin but if I have the opportunity to talk with him, I would like to ask him that.

Another inspiring person (at least to me) is the congresswoman Alexandria Cortez. She is like a fireball and a very strong and outspoken woman talking from a middle-class person’s view. Her speeches and her vision for a better America with no captive so-called “free-markets” and better public health care and education system for the country, puts many super-power corporations that have bailouts and government helping hands in their places. Now, I know that Alexandria is not for everybody, but as a middle-class person, I believe that everyone who is striving for an income in the low-class and middle-class societies will complement and agree with her and what she is trying to achieve.

Lina Kamada came to Japan in 2014 and has since been writing, translating, and teaching at different institutions in Tokyo.

Some of her main fields include financial instruments and economy content writing, editing, interpretation and translation in 7 different languages, and teaching English pronunciation. At BtcBox, she is the assistant in the Marketing Team.


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