The Biggest Crash of All Times : Interview with Marc Friedrich ①

This is an Interview with German financial consultant and Youtuber Marc Friedrich, who also is passionate about Bitcoin and digital currencies. He has realized several book and also talks  about the end of the monetary game with reasons for why our money-system is just not working anymore. The best selling author of The Biggest Crash of All Time will soon release his next book which is about Bitcoin being the next safe haven. Take a look and see if you agree with this master critical thinker.

Marc Friedrich

Interview Date :9th April 2020


Lockdown Crisis in Germany Now

The situation in Germany is very bad right now, we have a lockdown in Germany just like America, France, Italy, China, Austria and the other countries. The Coronavirus is giving the economy a hard time. I think we are seeing the biggest recession and crash of all times right now. The Biggest crash of All Times is also the title of my last best selling book. This Economic crash is what I am expecting and which is truly happening now. I think this virus will hurt the economy globally. This is not going to be something affecting individual countries where the government of a country can clean up, but globally, this is the end for globalization in my opinion. What we are experiencing right now, is history. One day this will be in books, and people will read about the changing point of everything; when we started going shopping, traveling, everything differently. We may have a pandemic situation, but it is also the best time to be alive.

The biggest crash 2023

I believe that the biggest economic crash of all time will happen latest 2023. It’s starting earlier than I expected. It is about the sick policy of the central banks worldwide, and the problem of our monetary system. You’ve got the fiat monetary systems, every bank and every central bank is creating money out of thin air. This is not sustainable, and now we are at the end game of this monetary system. Since the big financial crises in 2008, the central banks had only one solution for every problem; it was printing money and lowering the rates. Now we have the lowest rates in the history of mankind, and we have never had this much printed money and debts before in the system. 

Now, once again they are putting the bazooka in operation again to print even more money in this crisis. This is because they are totally desperate. The central banks know that if a second hard recession occurs, the system will not survive. They are totally out of ideas and solutions. Now for the third or fourth time, they have one solution; lowering the rates to 0 or below and also printing more money. In other words, this is hyperinflation that is happening all over again, and they were never able to solve the problem of 2008 either. They just put money over it which brought an expensive time for all of us, the people. This is why we have the highest death and crimes rates and the longest growing expansion growth in history which is not sustainable and not healthy. Now we are seeing the big finale, and it’s breathtaking.

Go into a Golden Age after the Corona virus

Remember that the corona virus is just the needle that burst the bubble. It is just a trigger but not the reason behind the financial crisis that we are experiencing now which is going to get much worse in near future. If politicians and central banks say “it’s due to the Corona virus”, it’s not true. It’s because of their incompetence of the sick system we are living in; the fiat currency system, the monetary system and the printing press and such. The politicians and the central banks may, and perhaps they can, save it one more time. Perhaps we will have another round going round for one or two more years with this system, but like I said in my book, latest 2023 this thing is all gone and we will see the biggest crush of all time. Then, we will get into a golden age.

Gold backed Currency will be new Safe Haven

The next monetary system will be digital, that’s for sure. There will be something like a gold standard, and also bitcoin will play a part of it. It will be like gold today in the monetary system that will become a safe haven. I think that the first central banks and governments to start issuing gold backed currency on the blockchain will be the survivor and winner of this crisis. Very soon, people will lose total trust in fiat currencies which are not backed up with anything but the trust of the people, and the people have been treated very badly in the last couple of decades. So people will look for a safe haven for currencies with limited assets like gold.

Euro getting Virtual

The relationship between Euro and Crypto is very sexy right now. On a serious note though, I believe that very soon we will see governments, and central banks of different countries starting to create their own digital currencies. I have been to many book hearings, seminars and fair as a keynote speaker and there have been different people there representing central banks from all over the world. They are already talking about the central bank digital currencies. I think that we will come to realize that this system as a last hope of getting somewhere or to find a solution won’t help. 

There is no solution and it will collapse. Let’s take a look at China who is trying to issue their own digital currency backed with gold I guess, as they have been buying so much gold recently. Nevertheless, I think that cryptocurrencies are the future even though there is a lot of bullshit out there. But I personally am a big fan of bitcoin and only a handful of other cryptocurrencies, the rest is just a scam, it is a ripoff. They have no use-cases, so people who invest in cryptocurrencies should stick to bitcoin and to the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The roles of coins may change of course and only time will tell, but so far Bitcoin is the best.

Europeans love cash as Japanese do

We have a different history than many other countries, because we have already lost money a couple of times in the last century, so we love cash here in Germany and many other places in Europe. Right now, cash is looked at as “the only thing” and “cash is the best” so people love their bills and coins. The millennial are all over the place with apps like apple pay or google pay etc., but it’s still a hard and long way to go to an e-money only society. You cannot just take away cash from people in Europe. Of course, people do use credit cards and pay-pal and similar apps, some also bitcoins as well for purchases and payments, but it is not common as of yet. There are powers that want to abolish cash money for different reasons. Some say because cash has germs on it, it is dirty, it is easy for criminals to launder money with it, and other nonsense, but so far I think we are far away from getting completely rid of cash. How is it in Japan?



Marc Friedrich is a Best-selling author, Financial expert and Adviser, Economist and a Keynote Speaker at big scale seminars, book hearings and fairs. Together with Matthias Weik, he has been   one of the most famous lateral thinkers and a financial expert. As a team, they have written 5 books so far, and every time they bring focus on what the state of our present economy is. He has a youtube channel as well where he is engaging with huge his audience on a daily basis.


Marc Friedrich

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