Fullfilment of Debt Policy

This Fulfilment of Obligations Policy is based on Article 23 (3) of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Virtual Currency Exchange Service Providers, in case of leakage, damage, loss, etc. of information that are necessary for the transfer of crypto assets happens, and based on the Payment Service Act in Article 63 (11,2),  in case of we are unable to meet all our obligations related to the administration of the crypto assets we owe the customer’s that are managed separately from the company’s own crypto assets.

1. Fullfilment of Obligation Method

In case  private keys and other information necessary for the transfer of crypto assets are leaked, damaged, lossed, etc., and to restore the customer’s crypto assets becomes difficult, BTCBOX will return the same type and the same amount of it back to the customer. However, in case BTCBOX deems it difficult to return the same type and amount of the crypto asset, in lieu of the crypto assets, we will refund in money, or grant monetary refund along with the available crypto assets.

2. Fullfillment of Obligation Period

We shall implement the aforementioned method 1 depending on the customer’s specific circumstances,etc. immediately after the leakage, loss, or damage of the private key and other information that are necessary for the transfer of crypto assets.

3. Base Date and Calculation Method of Reimbursement Amount In case of Method of Fulfillment Obligation execution if in Monetary Funds

In case of monetary reimbursement according to the aforementioned method 1, BTCBOX shall determine the date and method of calculation that is deemed reasonable and objectively appropriate, and shall provide an immediate notice.

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