Notification on resumption of Bitcoin Cash(BCH)withdrawal

In consideration of the influence from BCH’s hard fork, we had suspended BCH withdrawal from 0:00 on November 15, 2018. Since we could confirm about the safety now, we are here to inform you that BCH withdrawal will resume.

BCH withdrawal resume time: December 11, 2018 18:00 JST

“BCH” in BTCBOX refers to “BCHABC”, “BSV (Bitcoin SV)” is not included in “BCH”. Currently we are not able to handle with deposit of “BSV (Bitcoin SV) “. If deposit is made into wrong cryptocurrency type/address, we are not able to assume the responsibility. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

The BCH deposit will be reflected into the account after reaching 20 confirmations on network, so it may cost more time.

Besides, along with the update of BCHABC software, there is a risk of branching again. When we judge that the safety of network can’t be confirmed, we may stop BCH deposit & withdrawal again without prior notice.