About Abolition of Japanese Yen’s Minimum Deposit Amount Limit

The minimum amount limit of JPY deposit (10,000 Yen) was abolished at June 18th, 2019.

In addition, regarding cryptocurrency trading, there’re still limits of minimum trading unit.

Please confirm the minimum unit of each currency from here before depositing Japanese yen.

【JPY Bank transfer extra fee】

Deposit from SBI Sumishin net bank will not charge commission fee.(for personal account only)For other banks, customer may need to pay the deposit commission fee. Please refer to the bank website for details.

※We cannot process the deposit for you in the following cases, please check in advance.
If any of the following cases happened, please contact us by filling in the form.

・Bank transfer from other people
・When 6-digit ID is not entered in front of the remitter’s name .
・When the name of remitter does not match the name of account

【Reflection Time of JPY Transfer】

During business hours: reflect sequentially during the day

Out of business hours: reflect until next business day

※ For the above reflection, it will be the time since we can confirm the arrival of transfer.

Thanks for your future support as well.

June 18th, 2019