About BTC wallet upgrade and Change of BTC deposit / withdrawal address

On 18th Nov 2018(Sunday), we upgrade to improve the security of BTC wallet. Along with that, the maintenance work will be performed as below:

Service stopping: Stop BTC deposit & withdrawal service.
Stopping period: from 18th Nov 2018(Sunday)23:00 to 19th Nov 2018(Monday)9:00

In accordance with maintenance, your deposit / withdrawal address will be changed.
Since you can not use the old deposit / withdrawal address of BTCBOX registered with Wallet or another company’s exchange, please delete it.

After maintenance, if payment is made to the old address, it will be necessary to contact customer support. It may take 2 to 3 business days to reflect, so please do not mistake it as possible. In this case, a fee accompanying the withdrawal procedure from the former Wallet address will be incurred separately, please understand.

Deposit and withdrawal of other virtual currencies (BCH, ETH, LTC) can be operated as usual.

For responding the customers’ convenience and needs, we will be continually work together for the better further improvement.