About Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

A chain split (“split”) related to Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) will be occurred on block height #495886 is reached. 
Our response to the chain split is as follows.
1. We will take a snapshot of customers’ BTC asset at block #495866 is mined.
2. We will distribute BCD after we can confirm a stable and secure BCD chain is established. It means that we will not distribute until we can confirm that there are not any replay attack and not any back-door vulnerability that causes fraud transaction. 
3. The distribution rate will be 1:10, which mean every 1 BTC will be distributed 10 BCDs.

Block height can be confirmed at this site

We do not decide the exact date of distribution yet. We will announce once we have a decision.
We are not planning any suspension of service. All services will be running as usual.