About New Year business hours (2019-2020)

Thank you for your constant support.

We would like to announce that the company will suspend part of our Services during End of the Year and New Year holidays for the period 28th December 2019 〜 5th January 2020.

Business Suspension Period (9 days)

28th December 2019 ~ 5th January 2020

Suspended Services

  • Call ・Chat Inquiry
  • Account opening related Examinations
  • Withdrawal of Japanese Yen

Available Services

  • Cryptocurrency Trade ( of all handled cryptocurrencies)
  • Japanese Yen Deposition (if arrival of bank transfer deposition can be confirmed)
  • Bitcoin Loan
  • Cryptocurrency Reflection of Withdrawal and Deposit
  • Application registration for New Account opening


※ The final reception time for Withdrawal of Japanese Yen will be until 14:50 on 27th December 2019 (JST). In case of final reception time is exceeded, the reflection for the transaction will be carried out in a sequential order after 6th January 2020. We hope for your understanding.

※ Regarding Deposition of Japanese Yen, the transaction will be processed within 12 hours after the arrival of deposit has been confirmed.

※ As a principle, the Withdrawal of cryptocurrency will be reflected within 12 hours in a sequential order, however in case of  heavy concentration of withdrawal request, please understand that withdrawal requests may be reflected and possible after 6th January 2020.