JPY Direct Deposit Guide

We offer various kind of deposit method in order to provide speedy cryptocurrency transactions.

Please use the Direct Deposit service for faster deposit than ordinary bank deposit transfers.

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AEON Bank Direct Deposit

AEON Bank Direct Deposit is scheduled to start operating the service on 10th March, 2020.

AEON Bank Direct DepositConvenience StorePay-easy
Handling Fee
(A Single Deposit)
350 yen (incl. tax)1,000 Japanese yen (incl. Tax)1,000 Japanese yen (incl. Tax)
Maximum deposit amount for a single deposit (excl. handling fee)1,000,000 yen200,000 yen200,000 yen
The total maximum deposit amount for one day (excl. handling fee)8,000 ,000 yen1,000,000 yen1,000,000 yen
  • The deposit fee shall be burdened by the customer.
  • This service does not guarantee the immediate reflection of deposits, and it may take some time to reflect the deposit depending on the customer’s deposit procedure and communication environment.
  • Deposit amount equivalent to the customers financial assets through Convenience Store or Pay-easy will be restricted from withdrawal of a BTCBOX account for 7 days. 
  • Please note that cancellation or reimbursement after payment is not available.
  • We accept deposit even from Instituional accounts with Convenience Store and Pay-easy deposit, however, only Personal Account with AEON Direct Deposit.