BTCBOX Important Safety Request

Thank you for always using and supporting BTCBOX.

Recently, there have been several cases of BTCBOX’s fake website being displayed on major Internet search services. We have requested the search service operator to make improvements, but from a fraud prevention perspective, we are alerting our customers so that they can understand the methods of fraud and countermeasures.

Fraud Site Criminal Methods

① A website that looks exactly like the official BTCBOX website has been created and it displays on internet search results . (For login, the fraud site may send you an email claiming to be from BTCBOX asking you to Login)

② Unauthorized acquisition of customer login information (e-mail address, password, etc.)

③ Log into BTCBOX, and illegally obtain customer information

As phishing scams have become more ingenious in recent years, there is a possibility that there may be cases where customers’ assets are stolen using methods different from those described above.

Request from BTCBOX

To log in to BTCBOX, please make sure to access the URL you have registered in advance.

Because there are many dangerous fake websites on the Internet, please make sure to access the URL directly from your bookmarks that you have saved in advance if you have an account with BTCBOX. (Please do not enter any Login information into URLs received through the displayed websites from search results or emails, etc.)

BTCBOX will continue to send URLs for announcements, blog posts, etc., but we will not send emails directly asking you to log in. In case you receive an email that claims to be from us, please contact us through our Inquiry Form.