Regarding the Withdrawal of Crypto Assets

Thank you very much for your always using BTCBOX service.

We would like to inform our customers that starting from April 1, 2022, customers will be required to submit additional information when requesting the withdrawal of crypto assets, in accordance with the travel rule compliance. 

In order to apply for the withdrawal of crypto assets, please first submit a request for the withdrawal through our company’s website as usual, and then enter the additional information associated with the withdrawal in the form and submit it.

The above mentioned rule applies to all requests for withdrawal made on or after April 1.

Once both the primary request and the additional information have been received, the request will be processed within 2 hours during our business hours (weekdays 9:00-17:30). Requests submitted after our business hours will be processed by the next business day.

Please note that if you do not cooperate in sending the additional information, you may not be able to withdraw your crypto assets.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.