Notification about the Ethereum (ETH) Upgrade

Thank you for your constant support to our service.

We would like to inform you as our respondent policy about the upgrade of Ethereum (ETH) that is predicted to be carried out in 7th December 2019.

We would like to take all kinds of aspects into account with this upgrade, thus at the time prior to and after the new block will be applied, ETH withdrawals and ETH deposits will temporarily be suspended.

Scheduled ETH withdrawal/deposit suspension time : 15:00 pm, 6th December 2019 (JST)

Regarding ETH withdrawal/deposit , the service will be restart as soon as safety confirmations are taken. We will inform you about the restart when the system has been resumed. Furthermore, ETH trading can be carried out as usual.

Since the upgrade this time involves change in the network structure, generation of a new cryptocurrency is not forecasted, however in case any occurrence would happen, we will keep snapshots at the time of the upgrade. (acquisition of snapshots will be carried out when the predicted block height has been reached in the internal network of the Company).

We are constantly striving for the Company’s development. Once new decision items are made, we will inform you as soon as we can.

We appreciate and hope for your continuous support.

Note : Concerning shifting to a new chain, customers do not have to carry out any tasks. This will be carried out automatically. Upgrades may change our respondent policy and also the forecasted deposits・withdrawal transaction suspension time.