About Business Hours During Golden Week

Thank you for always supporting BTCBOX.

The business hours for the 2020 Golden Week Period (2nd May ~ 6th May) will be as the following.

Service Operation Changes

Bank Transfer Deposit of Japanese yen

Sequential Reflection within 12 hours

Direct deposit service is available 24 Hours as usual. Please click here for more information about handling fees and usage.

Withdrawal of Cryptocurrency

 Sequentially Processed within 12 hours

In case of exceeding the volumes bellow, we will process your enquiry from 7th May in sequential order.

BTC・・・ more than 10BTC

BCH・・・ more than 100BCH

LTC・・・ more than 100LTC

ETH・・・more than 100ETH

Withdrawal of Japanese Yen

Execute Bank Transfer by the following day

We will carry out the Bank transfer by the following day, however depending on the customer’s designated Bank Deposit process, the deposit may be made after 7th May. For more information, please confirm with your bank. Please note that after transfer processing, we cannot cancel the transfer.

For withdrawal of more than 10,000,000 Japanese Yen, we will process your enquiry from 7th May in sequential order.


During the Golden Week period, both chat and email will be suspended. If you have any questions about our operation, please read here for guidance and assistance. If you have any emergency system complications, we will support you as usual.

Services Operations as usual

  • Cryptocurrency Trade (All coins)
  • Bitcoin Loan
  • Cryptocurrency Deposit Reflection
  • Direct Deposit of Japanese Yen
  • Account Opening Reception

※ Account Opening reception will be available, however screening will be done after the 7th May at Company.