Malta Digital Innovation Authority : Interview with Ian Gauci ②

The Maltese government embraced the blockchain technology before other countries. It also embraced the decentralization aspect of blockchain. I would say that we were one of the first countries not only to embrace it but also to add specific legislation on it as well. Here, we are referring to blockchain and not crypto.

The man who fought the Crypto Case in India : Interview with Ashim Sood ①

I don’t think that any lawyer in India is a crypto specialist. I was approached to lead the case in the Supreme Court by a lawyer called Jaideep Reddy from a law firm called Nishith Desai Associates. He knew that I specialize in Supreme Court cases, and also that I had interest in technology related work.

No Crypto Ban In India – But Exercise Caution : Interview with N S Nappinai ①

There was no ban on cryptocurrency in India. What happened was, in 2013 there were circulars issued by the Reserve bank of India (“RBI”), which is the Indian central bank, that cautioned people about dabbling in cryptocurrency. The circulars moved from its usage of cryptocurrency to virtual currencies sometime in 2017.

“Get a prize for sure by Inviting a friend” Coin Campaign for Everyone

We will present 500 Yen to the accounts of both the newly registered customer and the inviting customer. After the entering the One Time Password as stated on the postcard, the 500 Yen will be reflected in their balance accounts.

Importance of Tracking Transfers : Interview with Frank from Whale Alert ③

We wanted to explain some of the volatility of the market. We were able to explain some of what was happening with our tracking system. For instance, back in 2017 some of the really large drops corresponded with large Mt. Gox transfers that we tracked. We noticed that the price dropped right after these kinds of big transfers.

The need for travel rules : Interview with Mike Cowans from CipherTrace ③

Any coin or token could potentially be used for fraud. However, the principle here is “ the more utilized the coin, the higher the risk” for it being used for cyber fraud activities. We can see that with an incident that Ethereum had not so long ago, about 4 million dollars were lost due to illicit activity.

Crypto ATMs and KYC/AML : Coin ATM Radar Patrick Meuller ②

We do believe that ATM numbers will continue to grow over the years. At the moment, the cryptocurrency world is still very isolated and there is no circular economy; this means that users who own cryptocurrency need to exchange it first to fiat in order to make everyday transactions.

Necessity of Mining and Block-signing : An in-depth interview with Blockstream Allen Piscitello ③

Mining is a very important part of Bitcoin. The idea of mining is that it is extremely costly to change the history of the ledgers. Due to that all miners and Bitcoin are anonymous, you don’t have to register with the network. All you have to do is to run something that is capable of doing computations. There are many fractures that solves these equipment in many mining farms across the world.

Malta is not a Blockchain Island : Interview with Ian Gauci ①

I would not say that we are a “Blockchain Island” like many people say, but I would rather say that we are an “Innovation Hub”. This attribute of being a Blockchain Island arose and stuck because we were one of the first countries to tap into this new ecosystem, whereas other countries were being more restrictive or decided to ban it.

New Internet Money : Interview with Bobby Ong from CoinGecko ①

I am Bobby Ong, and I am the co-founder of CoinGecko. CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregator. We track over 6500 tokens from over 400 foreign exchanges. We are one of the largest leading crypto data aggregators in the world. Besides tracking prices, market cap, and trading volume, we also track the social media and development stats for all coins.